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Runestrike 1.0.33 Release Notes

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    Runestrike 1.0.33 Release Notes

    1. Leaderboards have expanded to include Champion Leaderboards.
    2. We also made some fixes and improvements to Rank Leaderboards.
    3. We disabled the turn timer for Versus AI matches.
    4. In Battles, attacks now execute from left to right.
    5. We fixed a few card bugs:
      • Force Shield and Arcane Construct now attach a tooltip to indicate their source.
      • We fixed Enchantress’s VFX.
      • Lady of the Mist now attaches a tooltip to friendlies that gain Evade from her.
      • Salin’s A1 no longer reactivates after targeting a minion that doesn’t die from the damage, but then dies from another source of damage.
      • Frost Sprite is now a Fae Spirit.
      • We replaced the term “kill” with “destroy”.
      • We fixed Ma’at’s Blood counter.
      • Magic Scroll and Enchantress can no longer target Mana Orb.
      • Fearless Conjurer in the Eye of Ra campaign now targets only Earthen with his passive Blood Power.
    6. We rebalanced some cards and abilities.
      • Zeacon’s A1 Torture spell now reads: You take 1 damage and your opponent restores 1 Health. Keep: You take 1 damage.
      • Sand Wyrm’s Dive now reads: Return this to your hand. It keeps its existing stats and costs 1 mana.
      • Salin’s Burning Sands/Fire Storm now reads: Occupy: Minions have +1 Power and "Strike: Minions your opponent controls take 1 damage".
      • Dawn’s Eclipse now costs 6 Blood.
      • Morlich’s Unholy Sacrifice is moved from A2 to A3 and now costs 4 Blood.
      • Morlich’s Feast of the Dead is moved from A3 to A2 and now costs 3 Blood.
      • Freya’s health dropped from 6 to 4.
      • Siren’s Health dropped from 5 to 4.
      • Harvest Knight now triggers only when enemy minions die.
      • Ambush now reads: Target friendly minion gains +1 Power and Lethal.
      • Aura of Might now costs 3 Mana.
      • Backstab now reads: Deal 2 damage to target, undamaged minion. If it dies, add a Backstab to your hand at the end of your turn.
      • Chosen One now costs 6 Mana.
      • Desperate Charge now reads: Target friendly minion and adjacent minions gain +4 Power until the end of your turn. Then, they reduce their Health to 1 at the end of your turn.
      • Longship Raid now reads: Add 3 Viking Raider runes to your hand. They cost 1 Mana.
    7. We added a Christmas Bundle, New Years Bundle, and then Legend Core Pack, Epic Core Pack, and Elixir bundles for January.



      Champion Leaderboards

      While players compete on the Rank Leaderboard by earning Trophies, they simultaneously compete on the Champion Leaderboard by earning Medallions.

      Players of higher rank earn Medallions at a faster rate than players of lower rank. You will always earn Medallions in a win and do not lose Medallions for a loss.

      For each victory that awards RP, players also earn CP. You will always earn Medallions in a win and do not lose Medallions for a loss.

      The Champion Leaderboard has a top menu and a submenu for each individual Champion. The top menu displays a scorecard for each Champion, ranked according to their cumulative CP score.

      Each top-level scorecard also shows the username and rank of the current leader for each Champion’s leaderboard.

      Clicking the right arrow on any of these scorecards leads to the sub-menu for individual Champions.This submenu displays the scorecard for each player active in the season, ranked according to their individual CP score for that particular Champion.

      This submenu ranking is used to determine player rewards at the end of a season. The top players with the most Medallions for each individual Champion earn rewards. A player can earn rewards for more than one Champion.