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Runestrike 1.0.39 Release Notes

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    Runestrike 1.0.39 Release Notes

    This release is scheduled for the week of March 21.
    1. We added Smart Bundles to trigger on game events and offer great deals. This first one triggers on Champions ascending to level 5. We will add more of these over time.
    2. We added regular bundles for the span of the next season, including the Lucky Break bundle for April Fool’s Day. We are introducing two new bundles for regular rotation in the Store.
    3. We added new cosmetics: Arena Backgrounds. These feature the backgrounds seen in the Campaigns, including the in-development Ragnarok Campaign! All players receive 5 backgrounds for their Collection and can purchase additional ones for 975 Emeralds. Equip these like any other Cosmetic and they will appear in Arena battles.
    4. We made a good deal of progress on Campaign 3, adding all the new cards and Blood powers. These are being tested and bugs are being fixed. We will pause this work to do a rebalance sprint next, and then resume it afterwards.
    5. Players now can skip the Tutorial.
    6. We added the Woodlands season in its entirety.
    7. We fixed several card bugs.
    8. We added a few missing FX.
    9. We improved some Surge minions.
    Card Fixes
    1. Battlemage’s Strike ability now targets properly.
    2. Torment is banished properly on play.
    3. Grisly Voidcaller works with cards not normally in Collection, like Naja and Arrow.
    4. Spellblade now gets +1/+1 for all its Surge triggers, not just the first.
    5. Kraken’s Frenzy damage can now target the enemy Champion.
    6. Void Dragon now works properly with Grisly Voidcaller.
    7. High Inquisitor now properly targets the deck, and therefore cannot Conjure an already-played card.
    8. Ifrit’s Curse now appears in the Battle log.
    9. Mermaid no longer targets Dragon Snack when her draw results in a Magnasaurus.
    10. Stygian Impressor now triggers only when played from hand.
    11. Anchor now has an ability icon.
    Balance Changes
    Enchantress Surge: Reduce the highest cost spell in your hand by 1 Mana.
    Spell Slinger Surge: Deal damage to your opponent equal to this minion's Power.
    Stormfury Mage Surge: Deal 3 damage to a random enemy.
    Witch Doctor Surge: You gain +1 Blood and +1 Mana.
    Voodoo Priest Surge: Your opponent loses -1 Blood and -1 Health.