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Version 1.0.45 - Week of July 25

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    Version 1.0.45 - Week of July 25

    Hi, Players. We want to get you up to speed on some changes to the game.

    Starting on August 1, the next several seasons will use existing cards and cosmetics for the Glory Path. Leaderboards will also use existing badges. Obviously, this means we’re not adding new content to the game for some time.

    Why are we making this change? Sustaining a pipeline of new content requires a great deal of resources. The technology we’ve built allows for a lot of flexibility and configuration of abilities in the engine, but it also requires a lot of manual effort. Our goal has been to run month-long seasons and insert new content at a faster pace, but it’s apparent that in order to do so, the pipeline needs an overhaul. Likewise, maintaining the card collection to achieve ongoing balance requires a lot of upkeep as it reopens the workflow around card setup, not to mention the need to sometimes redo FX. Our engineers and production team have worked diligently to improve workflows around this content, but ultimately, the ability to maintain and evolve Runestrike requires that we overhaul the content delivery system.

    We have big plans for Runestrike. We need time to design and build to bring those plans to life, something we cannot do while we are also grinding out new content. We are shifting focus to create space to build for the future. During this time, we will remain engaged with the community, we will respond to balance issues, and we will continue to provide player support. Once we have greater clarity, we will share that news with you players first.

    Thank you for your continued support. We greatly appreciate that players have engaged with the game and the community, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with all of you.

    Release Notes:
    This release adds rotating bundles. It includes a small balance patch. We fixed some bugs with Campaign 3.

    Rebalance Info: