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How can Facebook Gameroom Runestrike players continue play with their account? Answered!

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    How can Facebook Gameroom Runestrike players continue play with their account? Answered!

    Unity is dropping support of Facebook Gameroom, and in response, we are deprecating support for the Gameroom platform. If you currently play on Gameroom, you can continue with the same Runestrike game data on another platform by following the steps below. We will take Gameroom offline March 30.

    1. Go to Facebook Gameroom and launch Runestrike.

    2. Open settings from the Runestrike homepage and get your User ID.

    3. Go this link: https://api01-bloodrealm.makingfun.c...ingAccount.jsp. You should see this:

    4. Click the Login button on the above-linked page. You want to login through Facebook to your Facebook account. Don't worry: we do not see this login information and have no access to your Facebook account outside what you allowed when you installed Runestrike via Facebook Gameroom. The page will update to what you see below:

    5. Here you will create your credentials for Runestrike. Once you do this, you can login to Runestrike on any other platform we currently support: Android, iOS (coming soon as of this post's creation date), Windows, or Mac OS. In doing so, you are signing up for a Making Fun Platform account and agree to the same Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that you did when you first began playing Runestrike on Gameroom.

    Enter an email address and password that you want to use when logging into Runestrike.

    6. You will see a Success message on the page and be notified to enter your Verification Code. Now you should do this:
    • Get the game on your preferred platform by visiting If you play on Gameroom, most likely you will want the version for Windows. But remember, you can play the same account across any supported device and platform once you complete these steps.
    • Install the game and sign in with the credentials you just created in step 5.
    • Once you sign in with your credentials, you will be presented with a dialog. Here, you need to enter the verification code that you received at the email address that you used in step 5. If the email is not in your Inbox, check your Spam folder.
    • Enter the verification code.
    • You will be shown a success message and should be awarded a free core pack for signing up.

    NEED HELP? Use the big green Support button available on any forum page here and you can contact a member of our support team.