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    A couple of these I've said on discourse...

    1) Malediction is weak. It is the inverse of Monastic Devotion, same cost, yet its effects are a fraction of Monastic Devotion. Major disappointment.

    2) Mummy and Desecrated Obelisk have too much toughness. They are things you want to deal with asap, yet their toughness is too much for damage dealers, so only absolute removal is effective. Considering that isn't evenly distributed, not a fan (although obelisk is a little more justifiable).

    3) Campaign interface: It is an improvement, but doesn't go far enough. I'd like to be able to look ahead as well as behind. And there isn't much visual differentiation between what you've done, what you haven't and where you are. It is just a bunch of browns and greys with grey locks. Blah.

    4) Campaign rewards: why is it backwards? First miniboss gave me a legendary, next couple were epic, then next couple were rare before the final boss was legendary again. Shouldn't rewards get better as you go?

    5) Campaign itself - normal: new campaign regular was pretty good. Basing one opponent around chaos spirits (which everyone agrees are overpowered) and another around mimicing thought mist (which everyone agrees is overpowered) are questionable choices though.

    6) Campaign itself - fearless: I stopped playing midway through because it wasn't fun. Noble's screwing with your hand is the type of deck which, among my friends, got drinks dumped on you for playing. Chariot is a toned down version of old cerberus (which everyone hated) and Cleopatra essentially makes permastun (a mechanic everyone hates) the name of the game. I don't get it. Are there ways to beat these guys, sure. Is it fun to play them, no. So I won't bother.

    7) Why is petrified egg nature? Not only is the thematic fit questionable, but the synergies are just too amazing. Create a phenomenal card with a downside that is super easy to get around. Why even bother with the downside?

    8) Sobek is a little weak.

    9) Tomb Guardian is too similar to Nemean Lion.

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    Having forced myself to finish Egypt - fearless, my thoughts...

    The overarching theme seems to be, lets take the most overpowered and annoying abilities from creatures, the ones that make you want to kill them ASAP, and give them to champions so there is nothing you can do about it. Who thought this was a good idea? If you are going for an insane challenge, mission accomplished. If you were trying to make something fun, not so much.

    And the rewards... Talon and I have had this out on discord, but if I beat an insanely difficult challenge, I want a commensurate reward. Not just pride. A little essence, a few shards, and 1 Egyptian God Pack is pathetic considering 1) what you get for beating normal (which has its own rewards issues), 2) the time involved, and 3) the difficulty. At the least, maybe add a graphical flourish to champion portraits that lets opponents know you beat fearless.

    While we're talking rewards, I have no idea what you're planning for the future, but what is with the experience ending in 5 when everything else ends in 0? Unless you go ironman and use the same champion throughout it just leads to odd numbers.


    1) Would be nice if there was a visual indication of what difficulty you were on. Like if instead of a green arrow pointing down it was red or something.

    2) Could you combine the campaign select and mission select screens? Allowing switching between campaigns without having to go back would be nice, and since you can already switch between difficulty levels it seems pointless having 2 pages.

    3) Speaking of mission select, could the mission have a little more indent from the group name? There really isn't anything to differentiate the 2.

    4) The 'I' button just gives card rewards, with no mention o other rewards or where the awards are gained, and no differentiation between what is normal and what is fearless. Not very informative.