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Corrupted Minions Confusion

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    Corrupted Minions Confusion

    There has been some discussion on this on discord on this topic, but a centralized location for "perceived" inconsistencies with respect to corrupt may help the player base in understanding how mechanics are applied to better use this strategy. This likely affects Zeacon and Darklok the use corrupt decks the most.

    Corrupt Rune wording "Target enemy minion is corrupted for 1 turn"
    Darklok ability wording "Until your next turn, target minion is corrupted."-This actually implies I can use this on my own minion based on other spell wording and I cannot. There are rare instances where this would be helpful in target your own minion, especially in regards to etheral chains. I guess should the word "enemy" be added?

    For instance-annihilate "destroy target minion" means I can target my own minions vs pillar of flame "target enemy is dealt damage equal to your power" means I cannot target my own minions

    Corrupt and most mechanics that follow by and large follows what "most players would assume." However, there are some odd behaviors described below.

    I personally would always set the frame of reference relative to your side of the board, meaning champions and minions alike (which is clearly the case for most abilities). So when an enemy minion is corrupted, they now become friendly to your side of the board.

    1) shielded enemy minions-corrupted minions will attack them (EXPECTED)

    2) Battle mage-attacks enemy minions/champions (EXPECTED), but its strike effect-deals 1 damage to all enemy minions goes to your side of the board (INCONSISTENT).

    3) Banshee-attacks enemy minions/champions (EXPECTED), but its strike effect-enemy is stunned for one turn goes to enemy side of the board (EXPECTED). (tested from previous version of game, so it may have been fixed).

    4) Corrupted minion done by my champion-Soul fry used by enemy champion causes damage to its own minion (?)

    5) Corrupted minion done by my champion-pillar of flame used by my champion on corrupted minion causes damage (?). Based on example 4, could the enemy champion use pillar of flame, or combust on its own minion that was corrupted?

    6) White mage- attacks enemy minion (EXPECTED), but the strike mechanic-your minions restore 1 health-no heal effect is applied to either side of the board (INCONSISTENT). I wonder what would happen with guardian angel if you corrupted it and it was destroyed by enemy minions, would the bury shielding effect get applied?

    7) Corrupt any enemy minion and my minion can attack it (?)

    I would have assumed the strike mechanic would be applied the same way in 2,3 and 6, but this is not case, in fact you get 3 totally different results. Why? Is this intended?

    4,5 and 7 have ? because the behavior appears inconsistent relative to each scenario. Until a few minutes ago, I had not given much thought to 5 and 7 as this is how the player learns the mechanic. However, soul fry killing the enemy champions own minion after casting it was a surprise. This would suggest that corrupted minions classification by the game engine is neither singly friend or enemy, but both at once, because damage is taken from all sides. This seems odd to me.

    Based on this small collection of examples, I cannot predict would happen with Bury or Reach abilities or even the other strike abilities.

    I would imagine that some of these finer details are hard to program, and maybe just try to figure out the mechanics one by one and make a log here or personally is the best course of action.

    Hey there, just now seeing this. I'll read through this soon. Thanks!


      Dominate has been updated to read: Until your next turn, target enemy minion is Corrupted.

      This will be reflected in the next patch.