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    hi all, just an idea that i thought id put forward maybe as a future endeavour, =is there currently any plans to maybe introduce some sort of trading to the game but not have it in a way that the game is really badly exploited. It would be a great feature to have and i have a few friends that play as well as family members as well. It maybe an idea to introduce some sort of transfer fee of cards maybe dependent on rarity or power level so that its not so easy to exploit? Also, maybe another idea could be that various different packs can appear in the store and not just the core pack as it may offer some more versatility for the game and also it might make it an even better experience than it already is? And just as a final note, the game is amazing what you guys have done so far and will continue to do in the future, ive played it since the old versions of bloodrealm and its improved massively with you guys!!
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    Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply. I somehow missed this. Discord is a great place to find us each day.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    About trading, that's not in the works. It's really difficult to pull off without tanking the game's economy.