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    Where's the feedback subforum?

    In the meantime:

    1) when creating decks, there should be a way to do it from the champion. To select a champion and then have to exit, hit create deck and then select champion again is cumbersome and unintuitive.

    2) An explanation of what a ruin is vs a spell needs to be somewhere. A creature being a ruin is not intuitive at all.

    3) Hate the mana ramp. Among other things it makes dimension rift way too useful. Slows down the game. Removes strategic choice. Yada yada.

    4) Interface needs more tooltips.

    5) Not a fan of the map as main screen background. Very busy and makes me want to click on it, which doesn't do anything.

    6) Animations are too slow when compared to play speed. And graphical flourishes are too prevalent. For instance the crowns zooming in to count up at end of solo. A way to disable these time wasters would be nice.

    7) Don't know how vs. matching works, but some filters are going to be needed to prevent newbies from getting killed.

    8) Vs. needs bots.

    9) Daily quests should be able to be done in modes other than vs. Esp. in the short term when match ups are such a problem. I haven't been able to complete one since the change due to lack of available opponents.

    10) changing 3rd realm for neutral was a mistake. It is easier on newbies, but limits longterm flexibility and customization. Every champion being the same is boring.

    11) Campaign mode - some sort of progress indicator would be nice. Or am I just missing it?

    12) I beat Jupiter in the campaign. Now what? There is no indicator that the campaign is over or suggestion on what to do next.
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    Originally posted by BAgate View Post
    10) changing 3rd realm for neutral was a big mistake. It is easier on newbies, but limits longterm flexibility and customization. Every champion being the same is boring.
    So far I agree. I have to play more to have a definitive opinion, but I think it will give less strategic possibilities, as many cards won't be accessible to champs. Plus increased deck size makes luck more important than strategy IMO. Example : I want to make a deck for a champ based on warcry abilities. I'll want both blue and green realms to have retreat and circle of life. Now for Crowe, for instance, I can have only 2 remove cards (cicrle of life), not 4, and that's 2 from 24 instead of 4 from 18. But i have to play more for accurate opinion.
    Make Jade Knight green !


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      Well I can't beat Cerberus.on fearless mode he is so cheap.


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        During campaign when things give a card as a reward instead of essence, make it so it is one the player doesn't have. Beating fearless mode and getting a duplicate I just have to break down was a real downer.


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          On the Cerberu fearlesss mode campaign I just used Brienne and took him out and used some cards that had blitz boy I was happy that I got lucky that day