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    I beat both the modes but fearless was hard as crap but I got lucky I got Minerva as a reward I like her. I hope to see more campaign missions to get great rewards like this.

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    Great, thanks for the feedback! Egypt is in design now.


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      I finished fearless mode, too. It was really hard to beat Jupiter in this mode, I had to try many champs and strategies... It was fun, good campaign design ! I got Neptune, which I didn't have but as BAgate said in another post, I would have been really disapointed if I had had a Legendary card I already have.
      Make Jade Knight green !


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        Well the normal campaign is for newbs finishing the tutorial. They will be happy with any legendary. For fearless, it's a pack with random content like every other pack.


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          The problem is that that just doesn't feel satisfying. With the steep discount for breaking things down, and the incredibly long time it takes to earn enough essence to craft a new legendary, the difference between a reward that is new and one that is a duplicate is extreme. Having a 'reward' that gives a feeling of disappointment is bad and unnecessary.