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Thoughts about Monastic Devotion

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  • Thoughts about Monastic Devotion

    There are some bonuses that are very weak for a legendary spell :
    - Gain 1 power = just like conditionning, same realm, for 6 mana instead of 2 ! Would be nice if it's "gain 2 power" (at least)
    - Spells in hand reduced by 1 = only half of spells in hand are reduced by 1 ! so weaker than tribal elder that is only rare. But not same realm, so i'd say ok if it's like tribal elder : all spells in hand reduced by 1.
    Make Jade Knight green !

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    Gain 1 Power is great for power climb decks. The spells in hand does feel weak to me, and I've had the same thoughts about improving it. I'll mention it to talon.


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      Agree about changing to reduce cost of all runes and increase power by 2. For me though the weakest are the gain 10hp or 10 shield. If those are brought up to par the rune should probably be made 7 mana.