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Store changes and pack opener

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    Store changes and pack opener

    Hi, all. VP of Design and Runestrike Executive Producer, Josh Quick announced these changes on Discord. Please ask any questions you have now and be prepared for the update.

    This is what the new premium currency will look like. They are called Emeralds. Everyone's current Gold will be converted on a 1:1 basis to Emeralds. So when we release, you will have X Emeralds (where X equals your current gold at the time of release) and 0 Gold. So once we do the conversion , your Gold will be zeroed out.

    Here is the new Buy Packs screen. We will have one pack offering at launch called Core. You can buy 1 Core pack for 200 Gold, or a bundle of packs for Emeralds. Buying them in bundles gives you bonuses. But the only way to buy them in bundles is with Emeralds, so there won't be any reason to save Gold after this release.

    There will be a Featured tab that shows up whenever there is a limited time offer.

    Once you buy packs (or get them in rewards), you will open them in a new Open Pack screen.

    More details on Discord! Join the conversation at