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  • Campaign interface

    Why is the campaign interface a separate box instead of a page? Both collections and arena are a separate page that uses the back button, but campaign is a box using an x to exit. Why the difference?

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    In short, because you'd be leaving the world map for the world map if it were its own screen. Instead, you enter the campaign from the world map, which essentially swaps out the home screen HUD for the campaign HUD.


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      The problem with that is that you are used to navigating in a certain way because everything else uses a consistent interface, but when you go to campaign everything is different, and each time I do it and I want to leave I start looking for the back button and it takes me a minute to figure out that I need to click the x instead. Consistency of the interface is more important than thematic questions of if you are in the world map or not.


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        And while we are talking about the campaign interface, could we have a path left when we progress? Replay value is really hurt when you have to go clicking around to find what the last opponent you played was. And maybe make the interim god bosses stand out a little? Just make it a little easier to find old matches we might want to replay.