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New player struggling to get going.

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  • New player struggling to get going.

    I have a new Majus that I have got to level II. I am struggling to get much further because I seem to be unable to win anything.
    • Solo play comes around infrequently and, when it does, I seem unable to get further than one win (against the bottom-left, Hyperia I think).
    • Versus is usually against somebody far better equipped than I am (although one resigned the other day, but I think that was either out of pity or out of boredom).
    • Campaign is playable but, having reached Diana, at mission 6, I have two options:
    1. face someone who seems to have zero-cost minions (through her blood ability) that fully heal once per round (I haven't worked out why that happens, yet)
    2. replay earlier rounds (I thought this was for some benefit because, after winning, the experience bar shimmers, but it turns out this gets you nothing)
    I have been editing my deck to include new cards but trying to keep it to a balanced mana cost but still I only seem to be playing for certain failure at the moment. Is there something that I am missing? Perhaps I just suck at this game!

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    1) You get 1 free go at solo every 24 hours. And who you play changes every time.

    2) In the next patch vs timer will reduce to 5 sec, so you will have a better chance of getting a bot. But for now, yes, most any human you meet will destroy you.

    3) Diana - probably has a Great Elk out (which heals minions at the beginning of the turn).

    If you are still having trouble, post a screenshot of your deck and list what cards you have available and people will help you out.


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      I'll stick at it then. Thank you for the explanations, especially the pointer to the great elk - something for me to target during my next battle. I thought that I had inspected all the cards carefully, but clearly not!


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        Originally posted by Harkyn View Post
        I thought that I had inspected all the cards carefully, but clearly not!
        This is what has changed the game for me: inspecting the other players' decks during the match. Learning how to fight their minions, rather than how to play your own, is important.
        ... That and a handful of luck!