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Runestrike 0.9.10 Release Notes

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    Runestrike 0.9.10 Release Notes


    Highlights of this release:
    • Fix for display of account nicknames
    • Improvements to connectivity around Versus
    • UI/UX improvements for widescreen mobile devices
    • Mobile UI improvements throughout the game
    • Improvements to Arena matchmaking
    • Deck revisions to early Trials of Olympus missions
    • Engine fixes and improvements
    • Mobile notifications implemented
    • Store configuration for Apple and Google (listings, IAPs, etc.)

    Player nicknames will now remain in place. Players previously affected by this problem should contact Customer Service to have their nicknames restored.

    Versus connectivity has been improved, especially around Waiting for Opponent and starting battles. We also addressed handling the case where one player leaves the battle. Players who lose connection or quit battle will receive a loss.

    Mobile UI improvements were made throughout the game, especially for wide-screen resolutions using 16:9 and 18:9 aspect ratios. The most apparent design changes will be in Collection.

    Mobile notifications have been implemented test launch. We have three types of notifications: New Daily Quests, Arena (end of weekly Versus tourney), and New Content. Players have in-app controls over Quests and Arena notifications. New Content notifications function differently and are controlled through device notification settings. We will use New Content notifications sparingly.

    The game is now configured for both the Play Store and App Store. In the Play Store, we are currently using the Alpha channel, which means internal users can access the game. Soon, we will invite current players to the Beta channel, so for now, we'll provide the .apk for side installation as we have been doing. The game will be released in the App Store at test launch, and quite likely to limited geographic regions at first. This means iOS players will need to wait a bit longer.

    The Android apk is available at As before, purchasing won't work in that build. Once we invite people to Google Beta, you'll find purchasing is working for Android.