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Three For Truth V1.15 Release Notes

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    Three For Truth V1.15 Release Notes

    Three for Truth version 1.15 has been in the works for a few weeks now, and it brings a lot of game improvements especially for new players. The early game experience has been optimized in many ways, after analyzing game data and reading player feedback. Hearing from our players has been absolutely awesome and helpful - please keep on sending feedback!

    Version Specifics:
    • Episode 5: “Something is Rotten”

    A whole new episode - bringing new characters, a nice story twist, and awesome new scenes - is ready for playing! We look forward to streamlining our processes and getting new content available faster. Thanks for hanging in there and please enjoy this revealing episode!
    • Facebook stories sharing

    Players can now opt to share some of their milestone achievements in-game through Facebook by posting to their timeline. This is a cool feature; playing games with friends is always fun! Make sure to tag your friends and let them know about Three for Truth.
    • Limited time goodies deal: “Field Reporter Kit”

    Lara is a great reporter, but she needs help to make faster progress in the case. That’s why we have designed an awesome limited-time deal with everything a reporter may need to explore the field. Don’t miss this opportunity!
    • Misc Improvements and fixes

    Players will be able to navigate in a more clear and friendly way after playing scenes and getting fan gifts and/or finding clues. New players will benefit from a guide on how to get Energy from the store, as well as a more streamlined progression through Episode 1. The Clueboard seems to be the most tricky section in the game, so a few visual improvements have been added to help players navigate their way through it. As can be seen on the following list of fixes, there were a bunch of mobile-specific issues that are being addressed in preparation for a world-wide release.

    Thanks playing Three for Truth!

    Bug fixes:
    • [1356] - Desktop app name appears with no spaces
    • [1431] - Add icon for WEB and FACEBOOK versions
    • [1469] - ‘Forgot password’ flow doesn't work
    • [1486] - [Mobile] Blackout mode - Clicking to move the light spot breaks combo chains
    • [1495] - Episodes' names not centered
    • [1505] - In-scene power-up prices are too high
    • [1511] - ‘Previous episode’ arrow roll-over behavior improvement
    • [1514] - Stars counter disappears in full screen
    • [1538] - Refreshing the game restarts unlock progress if a level is not played
    • [1194] - [HOG] Animate Typewriter
    • [1337] - Update 'NEW' banner
    • [1449] - [HOG] Show power-ups as locked in the HUD
    • [1453] - Clueboard - ¨Keep Trying¨ sign less frequent
    • [1483] - Add energy regen max info to the HUD
    • [1490] - Objects hotspot revision
    • [1520] - [HOG] Edge case improvement
    • [1489] - Episode 4 - Typo in conversation
    • [1331] - Change game URL
    • [1474] - [mobile] Tooltip remains open
    • [1513] - Move feedback request earlier to Episode 1
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