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Major problems and issues!!!

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  • Major problems and issues!!!

    This past Friday (which was the 15th) I rec'd a update to the game. The current version was the 1.15. The new update updated me to 1.17. anyway I started to play the game. Chap 6 was avail for play so I started that. I completed chap 6 on Sunday (the 17th) and also the various daily mail from fans.Yesterday as I started the game I rec'd another update notice for the game. How ever this updated turned out to be a downgrade back to the previous version that I had been on prior to the 15th. Then this morning as I did my daily fan mail, I noticed that chap 6 had become unavail even after I had completed it on Sunday so I lost all my previous progress and energy. So can anyone pls tell me what the heck the issues are with the updates and etc? Seems like whoever sends out a game update one day and by the next they take it away. If this keeps up I'm going to quit playing Three for Truth

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    Hey Bob, I'm sorry you ran into this. We don't have many problems with TFT, so this is a new one for me. I'll check with the devs to figure out what may have happened and we'll get you back to where you were.