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Thread: Realtime PvP Teaser

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulGaming2 View Post
    One more think Travis, Serban, Adrian, Anyone... When we will be doing Act 4 and fighting Ragadam, please don't let us be able to use our companions. Then we can just take some tanks or Maggie's and deal him off. Either disable companions while in this level or make Ragadam's priority to kill them first. It would make him way more challenging and let players think not just put on silence rings.

    The old typical one to one combat for the life or dead, would also gives us the true feel of the final fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serban (Developer) View Post
    ROFL. Good one !

    Now I also know how Ragadam will may look like (Baal)....
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    Dreams come true
    I will hunt you Ragadam, across the worlds!

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    Baal, give back that soulstone.
    I will hunt you Ragadam, across the worlds!

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