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Thread: Realtime PvP Teaser

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    Realtime PvP Teaser

    As you probably know we have recently started development on real time multiplayer.

    The dev. team had some fun playing an early prototype today:


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    So this is a free for all mode, basically, where the leaderboard tallies the number of frags/kills?

    Suggestion based on the video: make each kill restore the killing player to or by 50% health.

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    Great! Nothing wrong with it... Maybe BH was killing a bit so fast, but on other side, he has low defense so it is balanced. That's the best!

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    At this time is really unbalanced. The first release will focus on coop mode, but will also feature a PvP mode unbalance as it is.

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    Have you already theater co-op? I mean like this PvP today.

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    Just restricting the PvP "rooms" to characters within 10 levels / 50 CLs of each other should be "balance" enough, initially.

    I, for one, don't mind getting killed often, provided I feel I also have a chance at payback.

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    Do Champion Levels work in PvP? Meaning does someone with 1000+ CL's get a huge advantage over someone with only 100?

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    *theater - tested (spelling mistake)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulGaming2 View Post
    Have you already theater co-op? I mean like this PvP today.
    Yes, but no footage yet.

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    So, anything about roadmap?
    At last this. I have read that multiplayer will be a question of maybe even a year to release. I have also read that Act 4 is coming before of this. Is it really true? Cause as I can see, you guys are putting your time into these social features and nothing really much to the story.

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