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Thread: Patch notes

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    Client Patch 1.0.16

    Client changes and fixes:
    • The ranked/unranked buttons in the play online menu have white text when they're selected and orange when they're not.
    • Fixed: accepting the hand with only a few seconds remaining on the Mulligan timer could cause tokens to become stuck.
    • Fixed: empty Mulligan screen shown briefly before the first 3 tutorials.
    • Fixed: the Mulligan continue button appeared and disappeared quickly at the start of the 4th tutorial match.
    • Fixed: if the game window was taller than the screen resolution at startup, mouse clicks were offset vertically, so you had to click below buttons and other UI elements to make them react.

    Game balance changes:
    • Efreet Nail: only add bleed damage on its own crits.
    • The Lion: base defense 5 down from 7, but defense modifiers apply when it reactivates.

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    Client Patch 1.0.17

    Client changes and fixes:
    • Implemented the Settings menu, including an option for playing full screen. The game will start full screen the first time you run it after this update.
    • Players receive 100 gold after completing each tutorial challenge and a 200 gold bonus after completing the entire tutorial.
    • Increased the account creation bonus to 500 gold (from 200).
    • Made the tutorial challenges easier by lowering the enemy HP to 60 and changing some bot weapons.
    • Added a new multiplayer bot at rating 2000 (Agnea).
    • Trinkets like Steel Hilt or Colossus Grip no longer disable the other trinket slot. Instead, they require two trinket slots. Therefore, it is no longer possible to use one of these trinkets with a weapon which disables slots, such as Tyrfing. Also, disabled slots are cumulative now, so when both weapons disable 1 slot (for example, Tyrfing and Svalinn), no trinkets can be equipped.
    • Fixed: Blessed Band gave +2 defense instead of the stated +3, and the combat log said "gained 1 defense".
    • Fixed: Tribal Might said "gained 1 weapon damage" in the combat log, instead of the actual 3.
    • Fixed: unclear description for Beast Fang (it didn't say it only triggers on its own crits).
    • Fixed: incorrect pop-up description for Shadow Pierce in the Witch tutorial.
    • Fixed: stuck games if a player lost the connection due to an exceptional event (e.g. the computer rebooting).

    Game balance changes:
    • The Lion: 4 defense down from 5.
    • Steel Hilt: cannot be used by Assassin anymore.
    • Merciful Fate: removed damage and crit bonuses.

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    Since we've increased the tutorial rewards and account creation bonus in 1.0.17, we've just added the difference of 800 gold to all the accounts created before this patch. Enjoy!

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    Client Patch 1.0.18

    Client changes and fixes:
    • clicking on spent tokens in the middle of the table shows the original token in full
    • added a button next to the spent token area on the table which opens the combat log
    • added new multiplayer bot at rating 2100: Dirtybob
    • fixed: the starting hand in the first 3 tutorial challenges briefly showed wrong tokens.
    • fixed: in 4:3 aspect ratio, the tutorial popup which asked players to play Overpower in the first challenge was on top of the Overpower token.
    • fixed: Crusader Pavise didn't provide feedback in the combat log when it triggered.
    • fixed: incorrect hint arrow in the first tutorial challenge when a split choice token was played.

    Game balance changes:
    • Axe critical hits no longer break shields. They only gain extra damage, and the damage bonuses were increased for almost all axes.
    • Slam: don't disable enemy tokens if no damage is dealt.
    • Knight's Bastion: reduce damage by 1, down from 3
    • True Devotion: no longer disables a trinket slot; price increased by 1300 gold
    • The Lion: 6 defense up from 4, and 30% chance to activate again instead of 100%
    • Zealot Shield: +1 max AP
    • Zealot Tower: +1 max AP, +1 start AP
    • Ancile: +1 main hand damage
    • Spirit Wolf Skull: +1 max AP, +1 start AP
    • Badge of Courage: shield costs 0 AP in special state, not 1
    • Ice Blade: 5% base parry chance, down from 20%
    • Banshee Shiv: bonus applies this turn, instead of next turn.
    • Blood Bargain: +4 start AP down from +9, and take 1 damage after each action played, instead of 5 for each token.
    • Ymir's Hand: +2% critical chance per 10 HP missing, down from +3.
    • Magic Barrier: cost 3 AP up from 2, and defense 4 down from 5.
    • Durendal: give bonus to all healing tokens, not only Healing Word.
    • Warden Pavise: new effect: add 1 to critical hit values.
    • Unicorn Horn: 20% chance to steal tokens, up from 10%.

    New items:
    • Enforcer Axe (Berserker, Crusader), Hacker (Berserker), Longsword (all classes) and Warhammer (Berserker, Crusader): weapons which break the enemy shield when they critical hit.
    • Enforcer Mark (trinket, all classes): critical hits break enemy shield.
    • Ramstein (2H axe, Berserker): each time you critical hit with this weapon, break enemy shield and destroy 3 AP.
    • Ishtar's Embrace (dagger, Assassin): each time you attack with this weapon, you have a 20% chance to gain stealth and +20% evade chance.
    • Black Pearl (trinket, all classes): each time a critical hit is dealt, both players lose 1 token.
    • Dead Man's Chest (trinket, Witch): gain one token from your enemy's deck.
    • Morgana's Veil (trinket, Assassin, Witch): each time you critical hit, lower the cost of all your actions by 1 AP this turn.

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    Client Patch 1.0.19

    Client changes and fixes:
    • Added tips in the loading and matchmaking screens.
    • Added 5 more multiplayer bots with ratings between 2200 and 2400.
    • The Bug Report button in the main menu options dialog saves a log file which includes the last game log (if any).
    • Fixed: it was possible to press the Cancel button in the matchmaking screen after a match was found, but before a game server connection was fully established, which resulted in an instant loss. The Cancel button is now hidden during that period.
    • Fixed: the client sometimes incorrectly dropped the connection to the server during matchmaking (resulting in a "lost connection to server" message).
    • Fixed: incorrect feedback text in the combat log for Badge of Bravery (it said 2 damage instead of 3).
    • Fixed: the Assassin AI didn't understand that attacking after gaining Stealth during the same turn will break Stealth.
    • Fixed: some items had full resell price despite being over 1000 gold.
    • Fixed: inconsistent capitalization for Barbed Shield.
    • Fixed: the damage gained by Demon Bane was not taken into account by effects such as Armlet of the Stoic.
    • Fixed: "wield" incorrectly spelled "weild" in a couple of places.

    Game balance changes:
    • Increased crit damage bonus for most off-hand axes
    • Blade of Fortune and Dead Man's Chest: copied token costs 0 AP this turn.
    • Dead Man's Chest: AP cost 3, 5 charges.
    • Urn of Bones: 0 AP down from 2 and restore 30 HP up from 20.
    • All Wish Stones: 3 charges up from 2.
    • Badge of Assault added +1 damage passive bonus.
    • Vial of Blood: new effect: if you have more HP than your enemy, heal for 10 HP. Otherwise, deal 10 damage.

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    Content Patch

    • Fixed: some trinkets did not have full resale price despite being 1000 gold or less.
    • Fixed: Badge of Assault had +1 defense instead of the intended +1 main hand damage.

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