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Thread: Patch notes

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    Patch notes

    Client Patch 1.0.1

    Client changes and fixes:
    • removed obsolete Reset button from the tutorial screen
    • added icons for gold in the inventory and shop screens
    • added character class descriptions in the main menu
    • fixed: the Windows installer used the 64-bit Visual C++ redistributable instead of the 32-bit version, so in some rare cases the game refused to run

    Game balance changes:
    • Einherjer Axe and Great Axe gain 1 damage for each 20 HP missing, instead of for each 10 HP
    • Vicious Shard gives 5% critical hit bonus for each active positive effect, instead of 1 weapon damage
    • Painkiller activates below 50 HP instead of below 30 HP
    • Gram ignores defense with a fixed chance of 30% instead of after each critical hit
    • the damage bonus given by Refresher Stone and Fine Refresher Stone applies to the next attack instead of the entire turn
    • Pendant of Might gives its bonus when you receive a critical hit instead of when you attack
    • Beacon of Hope heals you for 1 HP for each attack and Reforced Beacon of Hope heals for 2 HP (down from 3 for both)
    • changed effect for Cursed Blade: reduce heals to 50% for both players
    • all Wish Stones have 2 charges, down from 5
    • all other recover AP trinkets have 3 charges, down from 5
    • tweaked prices and passive bonuses for lots of other items

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    Client Patch 1.0.2

    Client changes and fixes:
    • added timeout on server requests while in the menu
    • added support for pasting text in input fields
    • tweaked token icons and menu looks
    • fixed: the text in the tutorial rewards popup was scrollable
    • fixed: logging out didn't reset the last menu state, so logging back in took you to a submenu
    • fixed: the Last Stand description didn't explain that the reflect damage effect only occurs when blocking
    • fixed: tooltips and tutorial popups could sometimes remain open after the game over screen was shown
    • fixed: if the tutorial was not completed, the game hanged at startup if it couldn't connect to the server

    Game balance changes:
    • Wish Stones can only be used by Assassin
    • all Whetstones and Grindstones have 3 charges, down from 5
    • Blood Drinker 4 crit damage down from 5 and can only be used by Witch
    • Dire Charm trinkets only usable by Berserker and Assassin
    • Dream Stones can only be used by Crusader and Witch
    • Cursed Blade: 7 damage down from 8 and crit damage 3 at 15% down from 4 at 20%
    • Viper Fang: 5 damage per turn up from 4
    • Ymir's Hand: 3% crit per 10 HP missing, up from 2%.
    • various price tweaks for items

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    Content Update

    Client changes:
    • updated icons for several tokens and items

    Game balance changes:
    • increased multiplayer rewards: 100 gold for ranked, 50 gold for unranked
    • Witch Slayer Blade: AP cost 2 up from 1 and 15% crit down from 20%
    • Holy Artefact: removed +1 off-hand damage
    • Dragon Soul: removed +1 off-hand damage
    • Poison Bottle: deal 2 damage down from 3
    • Bedouin Dagger: gains 2 damage up from 1
    • Ghastly Axe: 10% crit chance up from 0%
    • Cursed Blade: can be used by all classes, affects only own heals, reduced price by 800 gold and crit chance 10% down from 15%
    • Ardent Blade: price reduced by 1500 gold
    • Calamity Blade: 4 bleed damage per turn up from 3
    • Emerald Sword: 6 damage up from 5 and 10% crit up from 5%
    • Faith +1: price increased by 1000 gold
    • price increase by 200 gold for: Lucky Silver Coin, Lucky Gold Coin, Lucky Stone, Potent Lucky Stone, Crusader Seal, Berserker Charm, Ring of Shadows, Focused Mind Crystal

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    Client Patch 1.0.3

    Client and server changes:
    • if no human players are available for multiplayer matchmaking, an AI player is spawned
    • added an animation during the matchmaking process
    • improved item, token and character graphics
    • changed artwork for loading screens
    • if a player forcefully disconnects during a multiplayer game (e.g. by terminating the client process), the game is won by the opponent
    • fixed: the user's email address shown in the top-right corner of the menu disappeared after playing a game
    • fixed: the AI didn't understand how to play Wish Stone
    • fixed: incorrect description in the tooltip for the Vicious Shard effect
    • fixed: Ghastly Axe could still parry if the player equipped items which gave parry chance bonuses
    • fixed: when Cursed Shard dealt damage on self, the animation incorrectly showed a damage bolt coming from the enemy
    • fixed: the damage values shown on top of weapons during the game were split on two lines when it had 3 digits

    Game balance changes:
    • player HP set to 100 for the tutorial (up from 80)
    • increased HP for levels 2 to 5: 125, 150, 175, 200
    • increased HP for single player AI opponents from medium difficulty and up: 150, 200, 250
    • changed effect for Ardent Cleaver: while enraged, attacks from this weapon leave the enemy bleeding 3 HP per turn for 2 turns, stacking
    • changed effect for Wanderer items: each time any of the players uses the last token in hand, draw up to 7 tokens and heal 2 HP for each token drawn
    • increased damage of all two handed weapons by 1
    • Calamity Blade: 10% crit down from 15% and 5 damage per turn up from 3
    • Cursed Blade: 15% crit up from 10% and 4 bleed damage
    • Which Slayer: 10% crit down from 15%
    • Tribal Might: +3 damage while enraged up from +2
    • Blessed Band: +3 defense while in Last Stand up from +2
    • Studded Leather Gloves: +3 damage this turn up from +1
    • Riveted Leather Gloves: +5 damage this turn up from +2
    • Dragon Stone: price 900 gold up from 600 gold
    • Brawler Armband: added passive bonus +10% parry chance
    • Bloodthirsty Hatchet: heal 10 HP up from 5
    • Demon Claw: restore 3 AP up from 1

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    Client Patch 1.0.4

    Multiplayer progress (ratings, ranks and perks) has been reset for all players.

    Client and server changes:
    • added detailed error messages when the matchmaking process fails, instead of the generic "cannot connect to game" popup from before
    • added more multiplayer bots
    • improvements to token and item icons
    • fixed: no matchmaking animation on Mac and iOS
    • fixed: in some cases, the AI didn't play the weapon after using an attack again card or item
    • fixed: sub-optimal AI play when Battle Plan and Chain Strike were available at the same time
    • fixed: Vengeance should not reflect direct damage or bleed damage (e.g. from Poison Bottle, Dark Ritual etc.)
    • fixed: incorrect description for the unlock condition of Mastery (it said 200 rating instead of 500)
    • fixed: no gold rewards for Unranked online games against AI

    Game balance changes:
    • increased rating thresholds for multiplayer ranks
    • increased rewards for winning solo challenges
    • all the items which say "each time you attack" don't trigger when you miss or the attack is evaded.
    • removed Vicious Shard from the equipment of the Berserker expert AI
    • Witch Regenerate: cost 3 AP down from 4
    • Cursed Blade: price 1800 gold up from 1000
    • Shadow Stalker Pendant: price 2000 gold up from 700 and heals 5 HP down from 10
    • Arcenstone: double gold only for ranked matches
    • Draupnir: 5x gold for 3 consecutive ranked games, up from 3x
    • Scutum and Centurion Scutum: don't gain defense if damage is absorbed
    • Morning Star: added effect: all Beacon of Light tokens cost -1 AP
    • Viking Sword: +4 damage while below 50 HP, up from +2 damage below 30
    • Tyrfing: crit 15% up from 10%, added +1 start AP, price 2300 gold up from 1800, disables 1 trinket slot instead of both
    • Svalinn: defense 7 up from 6, added +1 main hand damage, added +5% crit bonus, price 1700 gold up from 1100, disables 1 trinket slot

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    Content Update

    Client and server changes:
    • fixed: the AI thought Premeditation makes only weapons free, so it didn't use the shield or other trinkets after it
    • fixed: after playing the shield, the AI sometimes played some cards with no effect thinking that they are responsible for the shield effect
    • fixed: the Very Easy solo challenges did not work (error "Cannot initialize game" when hitting Play)
    • fixed: Mighty Blow stacked with itself
    • fixed: Knight's Bastion effect lasted 2 turns instead of 1
    • fixed: Beast Fang re-enabled itself after crit, instead of re-enabling the main weapon

    Game balance changes:
    • Armageddon Blade: 2700 gold up from 1700
    • Cursed Blade: 2300 gold up from 1800
    • Emerald Sword: 2600 gold down from 3600
    • Blade of Fortune: 15% crit up from 10%
    • Machete: 600 gold down from 1100
    • Master Assassin Dagger: added 5% evade bonus
    • Nightshade: gain 3 damage up from 1 and price 1500 damage up from 1000
    • Thug Blade: 1400 gold up from 600
    • Reforged Thug Blade: 2200 gold up from 1100

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