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Thread: Patch notes

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    Client Patch 1.0.7

    Client and server changes:
    • better description in the purchase dialog
    • fixed: the tutorial state was not properly saved if logging out, selecting "Yes I'm new" and then quitting the game without completing the first step of the tutorial

    Game balance changes:
    • Premeditation always gives its permanent AP bonus, even after the player reaches the maximum AP
    • Divine Shard: 3 charges up from 2
    • Champion's Hold: 800 gold price increase, 5% crit, +1 defense

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    Client Patch 1.0.8

    Client and server changes:
    • added a Steam Greenlight banner in the main menu - please vote for us if you like the game!
    • tweaked the game over screen
    • more discrete player names in the game screen
    • fixed: Demon Heart should not apply its heal effects on critical hits from the main weapon

    Game balance changes:
    • Blood Pact: cost 7 AP, up from 6 AP
    • Gae Bulg: damage bonus from playing tokens applies to next attack, not current turn
    • Lucky Silver Coin: removed +1 start AP bonus
    • Ring of Binding: +2 token cost down from +3 and removed start AP bonus
    • Signet of Binding: -2 token cost down from -2 and removed start AP bonus
    • Lucky Stone, Potent Lucky Stone: removed start AP bonus, added +1 maximum AP bonus

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    Client Patch 1.0.9

    Client and server changes:
    • fixed: "server error" message when trying to log in immediately after creating a new account

    Game balance changes:
    • Gae Bulg: gain 1 damage for each token played, down from 2

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    Content Patch

    Game balance changes:
    • Greater Dire Charm: 5 heal per crit down from 10, but removed disabled slot
    • Dire Charm: removed item
    • all Farseer off-hand weapons: increase token cost by 1 AP per crit, down from 2
    • Executioner Charm: add 2 damage per bleed up from 1 and increased price by 200 gold

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    Client Patch 1.0.10

    Client changes:
    • tweaked the emblems for the Crusader, Assassin and Witch
    • fixed: the auto-updater could get stuck in a loop when it downloaded an update, failed to apply it, downloaded it again, failed again etc.

    Game balance changes:
    • increased the ratings for some multiplayer bots, so players don't encounter strong opponents at rating 100
    • lowered the matchmaking distance for the narrow phase, to reduce chances of unfair pairings

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