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Thread: Patch notes

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    Client Patch 1.0.7

    Client and server changes:
    • better description in the purchase dialog
    • fixed: the tutorial state was not properly saved if logging out, selecting "Yes I'm new" and then quitting the game without completing the first step of the tutorial

    Game balance changes:
    • Premeditation always gives its permanent AP bonus, even after the player reaches the maximum AP
    • Divine Shard: 3 charges up from 2
    • Champion's Hold: 800 gold price increase, 5% crit, +1 defense

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    Client Patch 1.0.8

    Client and server changes:
    • added a Steam Greenlight banner in the main menu - please vote for us if you like the game!
    • tweaked the game over screen
    • more discrete player names in the game screen
    • fixed: Demon Heart should not apply its heal effects on critical hits from the main weapon

    Game balance changes:
    • Blood Pact: cost 7 AP, up from 6 AP
    • Gae Bulg: damage bonus from playing tokens applies to next attack, not current turn
    • Lucky Silver Coin: removed +1 start AP bonus
    • Ring of Binding: +2 token cost down from +3 and removed start AP bonus
    • Signet of Binding: -2 token cost down from -2 and removed start AP bonus
    • Lucky Stone, Potent Lucky Stone: removed start AP bonus, added +1 maximum AP bonus

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    Client Patch 1.0.9

    Client and server changes:
    • fixed: "server error" message when trying to log in immediately after creating a new account

    Game balance changes:
    • Gae Bulg: gain 1 damage for each token played, down from 2

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    Content Patch

    Game balance changes:
    • Greater Dire Charm: 5 heal per crit down from 10, but removed disabled slot
    • Dire Charm: removed item
    • all Farseer off-hand weapons: increase token cost by 1 AP per crit, down from 2
    • Executioner Charm: add 2 damage per bleed up from 1 and increased price by 200 gold

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    Client Patch 1.0.10

    Client changes:
    • tweaked the emblems for the Crusader, Assassin and Witch
    • fixed: the auto-updater could get stuck in a loop when it downloaded an update, failed to apply it, downloaded it again, failed again etc.

    Game balance changes:
    • increased the ratings for some multiplayer bots, so players don't encounter strong opponents at rating 100
    • lowered the matchmaking distance for the narrow phase, to reduce chances of unfair pairings

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    Client Patch 1.0.11

    Client changes and fixes:
    • Added a report bug button in the game over screen and one in the main menu (Options menu)
    • when the client crashes, it saves a log which we can use for debugging purposes
    • fixed: when Recover's stealth option was played by someone other than the Assassin, it added a useless effect icon which persisted until the end of the game
    • fixed: the combat log said "playing card" instead of "playing token"
    • fixed: the bug report popup became scrollable if the report path was too long

    Game balance changes:
    • Bear Claw: +10% crit per use, down from +20%
    • Farseer off-hand weapons: -10% crit
    • Last Stand: 50% chance to reflect damage, up from 30%
    • Durendal: cost +200 gold, +10% crit, +1 bleed damage
    • Vorpal Blade: +5 damage below 50 HP, up from 20 HP
    • all off-hand weapons with magic bonuses +200 gold price increase
    • all shields with magic bonuses +200 gold price increase
    • all main hand weapons with magic bonuses +300 gold price increase

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    Client Patch 1.0.12

    Client and server changes:
    • implemented stalemate after 3 consecutive turns of passive play from both players
    • added a few new high-level bots for multiplayer and updated the ratings on some existing ones
    • clicking on an item in the inventory/shop when the tooltip is already displayed hides the tooltip
    • the inventory/shop item tooltips show the buy and resell prices for items
    • replaced a few occurrences of 'card' with 'token' in the combat log text
    • Wanderer Shield now does what the description says
    • replaced the misleading OK and Cancel buttons from the character customization screen with a single Back button
    • the online history screen shows both the current and the maximum winning streaks
    • the combat log displays the amount of damage parried and evaded
    • added 30-second timeout during Mulligan
    • fixed: Veteran's Hatchet did not have any feedback in combat log
    • fixed: typo in the description for Flacara Violet
    • fixed: heals can no longer raise the dead
    • fixed: Vigilant Charm was not usable by the Crusader and Assassin

    Game balance changes:
    • Immolate: deal 2-6 damage first, then destroy AP for the amount of damage dealt, instead of the other way around; the damage can be mitigated now
    • Dark Ritual: deal 10-15 damage first, then heal for the amount of damage dealt, instead of directly transferring HP
    • Recover: heal 10-20 HP up from 5-10
    • Mjolnir: price increase by 1500 gold and it no longer costs 0 AP when it attacks again because the previous damage was absorbed
    • Dragon Soul: price increased by 1400 gold
    • Cheat Death: expires at the end of the enemy's turn, instead of at the start of the owner's next turn
    • Bright Saber: changed type to two-hand weapon, new effect: each time you parry, retaliate for 5 damage
    • Draupnir: clearer description (triggers at every 3rd victory in a winning streak)
    • Karsomir: 50% chance to gain Quick Strike on crit, instead of 100%
    • Tyrfing: immune to DOTs, not all negative effects
    • Excalibur: price increased by 1600 gold
    • Iron/Steel/Mithril Spike: the reflected damage can be mitigated (evaded, parried, blocked etc.)
    • all weapons and shields below 1000 gold have full resell value
    • all trinkets below 500 gold have full resell value

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    Client Patch 1.0.13

    Client and server changes
    • New multiplayer bots with ratings between 1100 and 1500.
    • Passive play is only checked starting with turn 10.
    • The information displayed by the "Details" button in the play online menu is only cached for 30 seconds.
    • Improved compatibility with older video chipsets.
    • If the game cannot find all the necessary OpenGL functions, it reports the problem and exits gracefully, instead of crashing on startup.
    • Fixed: Viking Shield said it reflected 1 damage in the combat log, instead of the real value (3).
    • Fixed: the game crashed if a player used Preparation with only one token remaining.
    • Fixed: Carman's Ring did not buff DOTs placed on self, such as those added by Armageddon Blade.
    • Fixed: when Marauder Hacker was used together with a Marauder main-hand weapon, the enrage effect icon was shown multiple times.
    • Fixed: crash when clicking on portraits or items during the versus screen.
    • Fixed: in online games, the second player could not interact with anything until the opponent pressed end turn for the first time.

    Game balance changes
    • Judgement Blow: deal 10-15 damage, up from 6-12, and it always ignores block/parry/evade, not just in Last Stand.
    • Armageddon Blade: damage 6 down from 7. Resell price temporarily set to 100%.
    • Dragon Egg: cost 3 AP, up from 0 AP.
    • Carman's Ring: +2 bonus to DOTs down from +3 and can be also be used by Assassin.
    • Witch Mastery restores 2 AP, down from 3.
    • Viking Shield: added +5% crit passive bonus
    • Greater Dire Charm: +5% crit passive bonus, down from +10%

    New items:
    • Ice Blade
    • Longclaw Blade
    • Black Venom
    • Seventh Sun
    • Zegrem
    • Needle Poniard
    • Banshee Rod
    • Banshee Shiv
    • Staff of Norns
    • Infused Shiv
    • Voodoo Needle
    • Unicorn Horn
    • Unmovable Object
    • Kelpie's Eye
    • The Lion
    • Merciful Fate
    • Red Witch Charm
    • Hallowed Shroud
    • Blood Bargain
    • Pixie Wing
    • Jormungand Scale
    • Witch Bottle

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    Client Patch 1.0.14

    Client and server changes
    • Added 4 new bots at rating 1700
    • Adjusted rating on some existing bots (particularly Vog, who was bumped to 1800).
    • Replaced "one-hand" with "main hand" in the item tooltips, for consistency.
    • New graphics for the ranked/unranked mode selector in the Play Online menu.
    • Fixed: empty error message box when trying to play online if the matchmaker host name could not be resolved.
    • Fixed: when parrying, the parry icon disappeared and appeared again immediately, and the sound effect was broken (regression introduced in 1.0.13).
    • Fixed: the damage and defense buffs given by Spirit Wolf Fangs remained after the effect expired.
    • Fixed: unclear description for Draupnir (only applies to ranked wins).
    • Fixed: the number of free MP games for demo mode was not decremented after playing unranked games.
    • Fixed: the damage bonus from Studded Leather Gloves and Riveted Leather Gloves stacked.
    • Fixed: Old Messengers had a 80% chance to draw a token, instead of the stated 20%.
    • Fixed: clicking the table while a split choice animation was in progress made the game unplayable.

    Game balance changes
    • Damage and parry increase for most 2H weapons except staffs.
    • Increased gold reward for winning AI expert challenges by 100 gold.
    • Dragon Egg: 1 charge down from 2.
    • Jormungand Scale: removed defense bonus, added 10% parry chance bonus
    • Einherjer Hacker: base damage 5, up from 4, but gains 1 damage for every 30 HP missing, up from 20.
    • Legbiter and Reforged Legbiter: disable off-hand item on crit, instead of a random item.
    • The Lion: don't re-activate if the shield is disabled.
    • Shard of Negation: if the enemy's shield is up, remove it.
    • Northwind: only trigger on its own crits, not all crits.
    • Frostwyrm: new effect: increase enemy token cost by 2 for 1 turn on crit.
    • Longclaw Blade: can be used by Witch.
    • Brawler Armband: gain 5 weapon damage when Enraged, up from 3.
    • Rune of Power: fixed chance for double damage (20%) instead of triggering on crit; increased cost to 3200 gold, from 1600.
    • Divine Aegis: +1 damage and +5% crit
    • Druidic Ward: removed disable slot.
    • Dragon Tail: new effect: each attack has a 20% chance to disarm opponent.
    • Remorseful Basher: new effect: each time it doesn't inflict damage, destroy 3 enemy AP.
    • Hallowed Shroud: cost 0 AP down from 2 AP; removed damage and defense passive bonuses; added +1 AP cap passive bonus.
    • Lost Gladius: damage 5 up from 4 and price 2000 gold up from 1900.

    New items
    • Brutal Asssault Armband (Berserker, Witch)
    • Greenlight Sword (all classes, unique item obtained by reaching rating 500 before Early Access).
    • Greenlight Badge (all classes, unique item obtained by buying the game before Early Access).

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