We are happy to announce Magic & Empire, our new fast-paced strategy game. Features include:

  • Multiple campaigns
  • Arena battling
  • Quests with rewards
  • Time-limited events and event boxes
  • Champions with unique abilities
  • Hundreds of spells and minions
  • Decks you can create and edit yourself
  • Evolving, disenchanting, upgrading

Mac and Windows downloads are available now. Facebook and Kongregate versions are in the works. Later we plan to expand to other platforms, such as Apple and Android tablets.

Magic & Empire is now in Preview, which means that it is still in heavy development and although fully working, is not quite feature-complete. We’re releasing early in order to welcome player feedback early. Expect frequent releases as we improve the game. Most current bugs center around the game engine, which governs how spells and abilities work. At the moment the AI plays randomly, but this will be addressed over the next few releases.


This rewrite moves us off of Adobe Flash, which has been on its way out for a long time. We’re excited about the technology, which will allow us to efficiently grow to other platforms, such as tablet and phone.

If you are a BloodRealm user, you’ll notice a number of improvements from your version of the game, such as:

  • A redesign, including a new organization/navigation of screens.
  • Multiple decks per champion.
  • Disenchanting. This features replaces sacrificing allies. Both allies and spells may be disenchanted into “essence” for a realm, to be used later in forging.
  • Filtering: allows you to filter the display of spells and minions throughout the game.
  • Search allows you to search your collection by name, by ability, or by class.
  • Sorting by level.
  • A minion can be evolved without unequipping it first.

Unfortunately the current build does not yet support guilds, the guide, and an Inbox notification system. We also plan a real Player vs. Player feature, allowing players to fight in real-time, even if one is on Facebook and another is on Kongregate.

You can import your BloodRealm account from Kong, iOS, or Facebook into Magic & Empire. To import, find the “Import existing account” link on the opening screen and follow the instructions. Note that Magic & Empire connects to the live BloodRealm database. Whatever you do in Magic & Empire affects what you do in BloodRealm and vice versa. Any currency spent, experience gained, evolutions or upgrades: all these things happen in a single account and you’ll see that in both versions of the game.