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Thread: Ironbound - a new game in town

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mihnea (Developer) View Post
    The ability to duck the exhaustion penalty by keeping a full hand is intended.
    Just won against a bigger, stronger AI opponent when I thought I was surely doomed.

    Late game, he had five tokens left in his deck and a huge 80ish HP lead. But with a combination of Recover (for evade boost) and about 55 HP remaining for me, I was able to evade him into exhaustion. Meanwhile, I had assembled a nearly perfect 7-card Ambush hand. After he was dinged for 30ish HP of exhaustion penalties, I dropped a 58-point Ambush and won with 7 HP remaining.

    That was fun.

    Also, love the passive on the Machete!
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    @Rathmon: thanks for the info, I'll try to get this sorted quickly.

    @osoviejo: Most of the main-hand weapons under 1000 gold can be resold for the full price. There are also a bunch of off-hand weapons and trinkets that have full resale price, as you've noticed. It's a bit inconsistent right now so we'll have to clean it up, but we plan to keep this after release too. The idea is to allow people to experiment at the start of the game, when it's very easy to buy items that don't work well together, are too weak etc. We will add the resale price in the item description, so that you can see in advance which items are "safe" to buy and resell.

    About the stacking, we saw that many newcomers have a problem with it, so it's not you, it's us. We know we have to do something about it, we just have to find something that's possible without a major overhaul of the game code. In our (limited) play test experience, people who keep playing eventually get used to it and it stops being a problem after a number of games. We have to make it more accessible at the start, so it doesn't put people off.

    Turtle tactics which make the opponent exhaust their tokens work against the AI, because the AI isn't smart enough to understand what you're doing; it just tries to do as much damage as possible, as quickly as possible. Some people in the office who shall go unnamed actually use this frequently to beat the bots. It's not so effective against human opponents, because when they figure out your plan, they can just refuse to play too. In those cases it leads to passive play, where both players just hit end turn repeatedly. We will implement some form of stalemate, but the criteria is not clear yet; it's probably going to be something like declare a draw automatically if nobody plays anything for 3 turns in a row.

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    Oh, I see now that I forgot to answer the question about the base crit chance. The base crit chance is an attribute of the weapon, so it can be different for each hand. For example, if you equip Machete and Thorium Hacker, you will have 20% for the main hand and 10% for the off-hand, because that's what the weapons have. Any passive or active bonus then applies to both weapons, so if you equip Malevolent Shard and level 2 Cruelty, you'll get an extra 17% for each hand, adding up to 37% for the main hand and 27% for the off-hand. The in-game character tooltip shows this info.

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