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Medals, when will I get mine?

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    Medals, when will I get mine?

    tl;dr Please do not bother asking where your medals are at until at least 2 weeks after the ANB ends or 1 month after a season ends.The answer will be the same as below.

    This is the ever-popular question. So, I decided it warrants a topic to address the issue.

    A New Beginning, ANB, events tend to have their medals delivered around two weeks after the event ends but can take longer and have been delivered sooner. If you are wondering where your medals are, then there is really no reason to ask until two weeks have gone by as the answers that you receive will be similar. Yes, medals for ANBs can be received in as little as a week or so but that can mean that they are still not available before the next ANB starts.

    Seasons are a completely different beast as they require a lot more processing to remove the duplicate heroes since only the highest-ranked hero per account receives any medals. Season medals taking a month is not unheard of but they can be received as early as just over two weeks. For instance, the Winter 2021 season ended on 2 February while the medals dropped around 18 February. However, the Fall 2021 season ended on 9 November but the medals did not drop until around 3 December. The new seasons tend to start unless there is a delay due to a version upgrade, within days or a week of the old season. The relatively quick turnaround time between seasons means the medals are received well after the next season starts, in general.

    The general rules are to not be concerned about where your ANB medals are until the two weeks threshold and season medals until the one-month threshold has passed.

    Be patient while they sort through everything to deliver the medals.

    Congrats on achieving yours!
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    I will try to explain what i did , maybe it is a wrong decision. I made some mistakes in my first account , i thought to correct it is way too difficult , i prefer to restart from begining. I open a new account with new e-mail. I start from very begining as BH. I manage to finish ANB as BH in first 100. My plan was to set my ANB char as a main. After the Silver finished i quit my begining char , now i have my Silver as a main char but did not get any medal.

    Account name : SaltukS
    Main and ANB char : Moruk

    Ps:My account is over Steam. As I wrote , have another account , but i could not delete. If needed i can send my mail adresses.



    In the ANB event that just finished I finished in 7th place, and I was wondering why I cant see the medals I should have received. Since the rewards usually arrived by mail I can't even think about forgetting to redeem them. I'm very confused D:

    Thanks in advance !