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    Managed TL147 on in this challenge, still had 50 minutes of time left on the clock, ran out of real world time. Think I would have got to TL151, that is allowing for a failure or two on TL149. As @Tinman an has mentioned before, the highest we have seen is TL154 with only one slot of everything. Unsure of thr gem spend there, may have bought boosters and crates. My XP grind was done with 6 Havoc and HS as the ability. Then did push with 4H/2D, with Mag Trap. Tracer Ammo always.

    Should I do this again, I would attempt it with Warrior, however, I think that will be way more difficult, especially having to wait for abilities to cook. Mage would be even more difficult.


    • Tin Man
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      Have no reason to suspect that Two Thumbs, the player that ran zero gems back in Silver #13, spend any gems other to unlock anything other than possibly inventory.

      He only had CL 1592 compared to your CL 1600. Definitely does not look like used any gems to purchase any experience boosters.

      Did 76 crafts for the two 77s. No idea if he gem purchased any crates or not. Can not ask him presently as he is offline for a period of three weeks.

      He did say this in a post during that event, "1hour and 30 minutes left and 0 Gems challenge is quite going well". That message was posted with a screenshot of his TL 154 completion time.

      The discord link is:

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