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    Howdy all

    Seasons greetings everyone. My first post... looking forward to this ANB bronze, only my second one since getting all the basics covered. Crafting lvl 50, all dailies unlocked, recipes purchased, ect. Made the mistake (?) of jumping to veterans with only a handful of medals to my credit. Do they really make much difference? ANB Gold top finishers didn't have many, if any at all, but I'm guessing their skills/time played/gembank surpass mine. I do want to thank all those who've helped make this game more fun and easier to understand. A little more play time, & I'll get some more medals, goodies & gear. Happy New Year & good luck in bronze


    Anyone catch the Eternium nod in the Rick & Morty episode "Full Meta Jackrick"? @3 mins in, & by a sign that says "TRIALS" Morty asks "maybe he went down that road?" To which Rick replies "No,no,no. If he took that, he'd end up a hero." Awesome ⚔️
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    Jumping out of Contender to Veteran is not a bad thing. Contender is obnoxious because you can not get a Celestial Transform, farming experience on TL 105 nor receive an additional 25 Glory.

    Medals make the biggest difference in the leveling up to 70. Medals can make a difference of a couple or several trial levels. A player can do quite well with no medals.

    Just make sure that you want to be placed into Master league for the next ANB before beating any trial TL 120+ with either your ANB or non-ANB heroes. The only major advantage to going above TL 119 is if you are pushing a season ranking. Well, besides the possible additional 35 Glory.

    Enjoy Bronze #20!


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    Welcome to Veterans do the research and watch some videos and you will do fine. I have only a few Veterans ANBs under by belt and learned alot. Now thinking about making next jump after a few more.


      I'm sure I can move to Masters, I'm at TL 119 in just under 5mins, and can do better before the event ends. However, I think I'll stay in veterans till I can get a Glory medal to complete my rack. No empty spots...


        Yea don't be in a hurry I was told you want t get 119 down to 1min and half and need high CLs 1900 to 2000 cls to compete alot make the jump to soon and don't get medals after they make the jump. I going to stay in Veterans and get mage and bounty hunter to 119 before I advance and earn medals doing it so not in a hurry and get more out of the game that way