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ANB Bronze League #23

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    Faired well.
    <1800 CL, Syn. +150 and two good trinkets. Looks like toon was top 100.
    Made ML 50. Crafted lv.77 BoM; near perfect; with fire, xp. on a P H Lily build. Came up MS 180%... So not a keeper.
    Although I had near best times in Vet. BH.
    Some of the TL times; of others; were under 2 minutes.
    Seen plenty enough low medal holders with well over 1500 CL, early on.

    Looking forward to how the shorter ANB's may go.

    Happy Hunting !
    Wisp ~S~ BH
    Edit: BTW... Before this; I averaged CL 1000, Syn. 100 and was keeping as many good drops as the two CT'ed items, used for final push for top 100.
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