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Jumping to Trial Levels After Story Level (SL) 1-1 No More

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    Jumping to Trial Levels After Story Level (SL) 1-1 No More

    There was one ANB strategy that involved jumping straight to trial levels after completing your mandatory first run of SL 1-1 with your brand new ANB hero. The strategy involved collecting at least three days' worth of Daily Quests once you finished the first story level with your ANB hero in order to jump to at least level. This allowed you to immediately jump into the trials to finish leveling up to 70.

    Well, if you had not done it already? You ain't gonna ever do it. Why?

    With v1.6.6? You are no longer able to collect Daily Quests with your ANB hero that were completed by your non-ANB heroes. No more need to save your Daily Quests until the ANB starts. Have to rethink your strategy if you used to use Daily Quests to continue gaining experience and gold while waiting for your ANB hero's abilities to cook.

    Figured I would warn everyone sooner than waiting for them to find out after the ANB starts.

    Being able to collect Daily Quests with your ANB hero that were completed by non-ANB heroes was always officially considered an exploit. Well, the exploit is no longer.

    Adjust your play accordingly.

    Thanks for the heads-up. It won't impact my 1-70 times since I always saved dailies for turning in once at lvl 70 purely to get some gold onto the character. I guess I'll just throw in a few extra runs of Severed Mountain instead to get that gold. Good to know this in advance though, so thanks again.


      I don't have V1.6.6. loaded yet, so thanks, Tin Man, from me as well for the heads up. I sure had intended to bank my Wednesday Dailies to claim on Friday.

      Oh, well ... Less important during Bronze, I guess, but this fix certainly impacts my strategy during Silver and especially Gold. So, a good fix with repercussions!
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        This is definitely going to impact some strategies however changes like this will keep everyone on their toes.


          So will the ANB have its own set of dailies then?


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            If/when they correct that "exploit", then it would just mean that the ANB hero would have to complete the Daily Quest to complete the reward. Daily Quests would still be by profile.

          Boy, do I have mud on my face. I just tested again with one of my testing profiles that does not have any known issues, unlike my main profile which does not get the quests that new players get.

          The testing profile was able to claim the Daily Quest reward with an existing ANB hero when that Daily Quest was completed by a non-ANB hero.

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            Might still be relevant for me then, as my main profile is one of those older ones that doesn't get some of the early "quests" either. Nevertheless, I have plenty of spare rocks if you want one to hide under

          Thanks, Tin Man, for double-checking. Just in time to save my Wednesday Dailies instead of processing them!

          P.S. -- Wash you face with soap and water, pat dry, and return to rabbit-holing.
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          “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


            Now you've mentioned it out loud though the Devs might just change it