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Antikythera Will No Longer Work With Game V1.6.6

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    Antikythera Will No Longer Work With Game V1.6.6

    UmbraDei reports on Discord that the Antikythera BoM crafting tool has been taken offline (disabled) since the game V1.6.6 release, with this snippet:

    "... they [Devs] changed the way BoMs are created to kill crafting exploits and there's one partial exploit left, but the others are fixed so assuming the last one gets resolved soon too, I'm not going to do anything anymore for Antikythera, because the purpose was to level the playing field against exploiters, which has now served its purpose.​"

    So, we can all agree, it was a fantastic tool to use, and we THANK UmbraDei (and others that selflessly helped developed it) for the ETERNIUM community's use. Now, we find ourselves back to what is now a level playing field to craft BoMs by either your own good guesses or the luck of the draw.

    RIP, Antikythera ... we knew you well!

    P.S. -- It appears that Pythia is still functional at this time.
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    “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb

    Ingrid's anvil is gonna run hot with all the folks trying to bring home a decent %BoM.... !
    Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)
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      Ah, yes … Ingrid ...

      That muscular wench of Oldinn, ever hard at work in her forge. Her half-shaven head drapes a curly, red tress down her muscular, right shoulder. Bred of sturdy stock from kinfolk in the northern highlands of Elderath, she left home at an early age and ventured south at the invitation and tutelage of Alarion to work in Oldinn as a blacksmith.

      She wields a mean hammer to an enormous iron anvil in her corner of Oldinn. Crisp, rhythmic peals cry out perfect notes with each strike, as if a heavy clapper clangs against the lip of a large, cast bronze bell. Her sweaty arm splashes away small drops with each pounding. Her silhouette looms full in front of the bellowing furnace, its yellow-white tongues of fire lapping at its gaping mouth. From the shadows, you gaze at Ingrid’s angelic face glistening with small beads of brine -- unconcealed beauty that belies an uncommon strength underneath, you think to yourself.

      Her eyes slowly meet up with yours as you enter the forge. She lays down her hammer on a work table to wipe away the wet from her face and steps toward you. A familiar grin appears across her pink, full lips – that subtle welcome of your presence to her lonely day. She coils her hair in her fingers and continues to stare at you without saying a word, waiting for you speak.

      But she knows why you are here . . .

      Errr … umm … but I digress ...
      “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


        Is there any way to guess the BOM bonus now? I don't know how to search through discord to find the discussion
        DUCI HEXA YIWA 0721


        • WarriorSeven
          WarriorSeven commented
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          At present, there is no replacement "tool" for BoM predictions, and if the Devs have truly buttoned up all the old exploit loopholes, it is unlikely we'll see another (especially not from @UmbraDei).

          We are back to the ways were before the previous exploits were unmasked: gamer trial and error will be the norm again for crafting BoMs -- that is, at least for the foreseeable future.

        • Bali_Lenni
          Bali_Lenni commented
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          Well, judging from the current ANB:
          If you are a mage , dress in different gear than you need the BoM for. My SCR toon did the crafting and got around 15 !! Frostbeam BoMs vs. 3 !! ALightning BoMs ... ;-)

        • WarriorSeven
          WarriorSeven commented
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          Interesting... It does seem the game checks your build and inventory and offers up things you don't want or need from drops or farming, like waiting for gear with XP and only getting items with XG.

          Worth a look and try!

        I found the two craft apps just before the upgrade.
        Only read a few exploits of duel class and such things; recently.
        Always gem bought the lv. 55 BoM in ANB.
        Just switched to Lily P H build; before the update. (Running BH); at least until main toon is near Contender status.
        Thanks to the Vets and Elders posting in forum; the end game build and the current runs (xp//eg) have melded to a fair cohesion.
        Crafted my first 77 BoM single element; just before the update. (main toon)
        Finally started salvaging good unique/set items; as work towards ML50 is getting closer.
        Currently not on Discord; so much appreciative of the cross boarding.
        Just hit CL 2000 and having a fair ANB.
        These things may have been because of the way it goes.
        I'd like to thank everyone that has shared, asked or answered.
        The grind is supposed to be hard.
        Wisp ~S~ BH


        • WarriorSeven
          WarriorSeven commented
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          Discord is free to join. Simply create a new account, if you are so inclined:

          Welcome to the official Eternium Discord Server! Join us to discuss our games and chat with your fellow gamers! | 8717 members

          It's a lively chat room format, real time. Many regulars post there more often than here, and the game veterans there are VERY helpful. Lots of game guides and tips are available.