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2nd zero medal test during ANB

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    2nd zero medal test during ANB

    Hi, I'm a warrior player, did a simple zero medal test with my alt account during Bronze 23. I focused on push this time minimizing farming and crafting. The result was, in short, medal effect was not critical during ANB (warrior, 6 juggernaut set). I stopped at TL163 which is currently enough for 6J warrior's gold top 5, but 164+ is definitely doable.

    * This was just a test to see the medal effect during ANB & I don't want to affect other players' rewards, so I asked MF to delete this from Bronze 23 leader board after Bronze 23 ended.
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    We can't have that!

    Here you go!

    Click image for larger version

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      Could you do a zero medal, zero gem spend attempt at Warrior and see what the resulting inhibitors would / will be?


      • Swamp Donkey
        Swamp Donkey commented
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        Yep, I think we could allow some extra stash space just to avoide horrendous pain.

      • Tin Man
        Tin Man commented
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        Hunters like to just show off and remind us that they can everything with nothing unlike mages and warriors.

        Though warriors can do the best for a brand new player with zero recipes from Liana unlocked and only the Glory from the current season and ANB including none from the Steam offer.

        Poor mages just get it coming and going.

      • Arin
        Arin commented
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        As I said before, I think only 1 utility push is pointless : )