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    ANB Bronze League #24

    Recasting this Topic to remove the ANB #24 “bug” posts.

    For those with lingering or new issues, please appropriately report them in either the Tech Support or Bug Reports subforum.

    Good luck, again, in your progression in this ANB!

    We're a go is to start ANB Bronze #24 today, Friday, June 30, at 17:00 UTC. So, now is the time to get your ducks in a row to prepare for this 12-hour playtime event, the longest of the 3 ANBs. No War Supplies after the last Gold and this upcoming ANB, but a new Season has started.

    Pausing my foray into Warrior builds and probably going to play Mage for awhile. In a rut, and need to exercise some gray matter!

    Good luck to everyone, and remember the most important thing is to have fun!

    For those of you that are aware, as of this post 18:33 UTC, there is a game server issue that prevents you from backing up your local game progress to the Eternium systems, which also means you cannot share any progress from one platform to another (say, PC to mobile). This issue started several hours before the start of ANB, and it does appear rather serious.

    It also been reported by some on Discord that some functionality has been restored, but I for one haven't seen it. If you, like me, first log in and see a GREEN DOT in the upper right hand corner of your game screen, please wait several minutes to see if it turns into a RED dot. That means the issue remains for you (us). I would suggest be patient for the time being, and on a personal note, I would NOT start ANB Gold #24 before the situation has been given the ALL CLEAR.

    UPDATE #2: TRAVIS reports from Discord (19:05 UTC):
    "The event that started at 1700 was bugged, so it has been removed and a new event has started. Anyone who created an event hero during the bugged event will not be able to do anything until the engineers fix the data.

    Anyone who did NOT create an event hero for the bugged event is safe to create an event hero for the new event and play normally.

    Once the bugged data has been fixed for affected players, we will address Gem refunds.​

    + If you see a red dot, you can't really do anything until the data is fixed.

    ++ It will be fixed in 30-60 minutes."

    “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb

    Hmmm ... Really out of practice with my mage. It's been at least a year! Progressing okay, but I again realize this class is a tad more complicated than to just "shoot and score". Need to revisit bojck's MOST excellent mage guide and to watch 's latest Fire Lily build video. These two have made enormous, unselfish contributions to this class.

    I need to get back to understanding the effective use of sequencing attacks with the right abilities. Practice, practice, practice on my main!

    Anyway, glad it's Bronze to relearn what I should have retained as well as to teach this old dog new tricks! Hell getting old.
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    “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


      Going for another (relatively) cheap run but recording the important bits this time. Same approach as ANB Gold, so all inventory and skill slots unlocked, one upgrade slot and one companion slot so I'll be running with just Marcus and Eileen throughout. Got to lvl 70 in a bit under 15 mins on Friday night by running Trials as soon as I reached lvl 10, and just cooking skills now until Monday evening. Will go down the DfA route again for exp farming and then Frostbeam for the "Push" (if I can call it that!) Since there are no 77s that I need and only have an interest in the Medal of Knowledge, aims for this ANB are:-

      1. Finish in the top 50 (hopefully exp farm gear will suffice for this).
      2. End the event with 14k+ gems (started with 12.9k)
      3. Do some research on story maps including 5-starring heroic mode.....


        As the question was asked elsewhere, I ran a non-medalled account up to level 70 using the same approach as for my main. That reached 70 in a little under 17 and a half minutes. I did lose some time jumping into Trial 7 a bit too quickly and getting 1-shot due to a total lack of toughness and life on hit Quickly adapted playstyle to avoid being hit, which worked a treat!

        On the main, I have finished the initial experience booster, so 30 mins in and CL533. Having been farming TL70 but could (and probably should) be moving on up to TL80. Will be crafting a rough gold farm set and run story for a bit next, so I can collect Eileen and finally have a vortex for at least one DfA cast

        Should hopefully have recovered all gems spent on the event tomorrow (under 300 to recover now), and then it's a case of aiming for that 14k target.
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          Veterans League BH.
          Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20230703-075822.png Views:	0 Size:	273.3 KB ID:	218680 Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20230703-154440.png Views:	0 Size:	273.8 KB ID:	218681
          Doing fair.
          Earned back about half gems.
          Crafted a couple of decent xp. items; I may socket and CT; lots of time to go.
          CL approaching 800.
          Heroic Misty.
          All Companions and an extra research slot.
          Farming TL 95, average almost 30 lvs. in under 2:30.
          Running Full Havoc Fire Lily xp. Build.

          Edit: Syn.100+
          Stars 76
          Abilities mostly 8 on active, 5 on others.
          Using PI instead of PA.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20230703-164115.png
Views:	364
Size:	262.7 KB
ID:	218682
          Got an oddball drop that I'm thankful of, as I have a 77 on Main.
          Saves a lot of Mat's. ;-)

          Happy Hunting !

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            Finished my dedicated farming runs in Story. First time using an EPIC GMC/ELR set (most gear from the Ephemeral cube awards) with EG+XP as main attributes plus a Leg Fire Lily and a Brooch of Stormcaller both with Fire + Frost Damage additionally. I actually enjoyed this combination during gameplay!

            Ran full Story to the end and then alternated farming between Darkhold Citadel and Morgenheim (17 runs each) until my 200% boosters ran out. Accumulated 10.1M+ of gold (~120K/minute) and decent amount of materials and BoLs. Maybe I'm not as efficient as many since I like to open every free chest when playing Bronze instead of shooting for the final ones at the end of the map, but then, again, I do like practicing in the various tight quarters areas with Thermal Shock and Shatter, especially during Bronze.

            Also cooking/leveling up minor abilities (@102 Synergy presently).

            With new boosters, it's now back to Trials starting at TL75, which is a hell of a lot different than Story. I'll need to upgrade at least two or three pieces initially to progress since I'm way too squishy with most of my lower level EPICs. THEN I need to decide if I stick with the Fire Lily build or transition to Crit (and pursue higher TLs?). Need to also re-focus on the key priority attacks and abilities to bring them L10 with the help of more BoLs drops.

            My end goals are to secure 2 CTs and 2 needed ELR gears for my main.

            Lots still to do!
            “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


              Half way through.
              ​​​​​​Earned back most of the gems.
              Working on 10's.
              1165CL and 95 Stars.
              Finished Farming TL95 ; opened to 107; although LB not showing actual.
              Going to begin Enchanting, after next Gold and BoL run.

              Happy Hunting !



                Might still make 2000+ CL.
                120 Syn. All 10's in front other than PF and secondary LS.
                1515CL, 149 Stars.
                3 hours playtime and 3 days left.
                Earned most gems back, although may have to get some consumables.
                Earning 3600% xp. w/2x booster.



                  ​​​​​​If staying in Veterans League; and having higher xp. gain than normal; could I have made a mistake?
                  I'm only gaining 5 lvs, no matter what TL I play.
                  I've gotten more w/less and a 1x booster; at lower levels; before this.

                  Happy Hunting !


                  • WarriorSeven
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                    Wouldn't say it's a mistake, but you may be running up against a point of diminishing returns in the Veterans League. Maybe it's time for you to advance to Masters? If your completion time in TL119 is 2 minutes or better, you're probably ready to bite the bullet and join us big boys.

                    ... and suffer there like the rest of us!
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                  Interesting point.
                  I thought something similar, although for the reasons that I may have overbuilt my ANB toon.
                  Main toon isn't quite 21 and I'm only doing TL105 in under 2.
                  This is the first fully enchanted ANB toon, running only at 73.3 item level average.

                  I did notice that there are not too many players above 1500CL on ANB Vet. BH LB this time.
                  I was hoping to make near 2000.
                  Currently at just under 1850 and noticed as I past 1800.

                  I have higher xp. gain w/lower item average this time.
                  ANB #22/#23 is when the 1.6 update occurred and I had started gaining good Craft and xp.; because of a change in gameplay and a better sense of what I need to do.

                  Thanks for the insight Warrior.

                  Happy Hunting !


                    All Bronze goals achieved:

                    2 missing 77s in the bag and 3rd only 2 crafts away
                    no gems spent on reforge, socketing or boosters (except I think 1 50%\100% xp booster)
                    top 50, green medal should be safe

                    top 10 impossible anyway, so just having fun now for final push.
                    Pushing with lots of xp&xg in the stats and hence superlow toughness was great fun.
                    142 dragon started to be challenging (still with xp\xg jewelry) and since it is Sunday and real life permitted, ended up crafting push jewelry just for the heck of it _ that smoothed the way to 145 with no hickups.

                    Enough digital cyberspacetimecontinuum for today, so back to nature and the warmth of the sunrays ; Magroth will have to wait until tomorrow . Should be doable, curious to test 147\148 if Magroth permits and personal capabilities with the allnew FL.

                    Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)
                    [ BrokenGarm , LenniGold , LenniXP ]


                    • Wisp
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                      Happy Hunting ...

                    • Bali_Lenni
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                      Well game over. Magroth stood his ground. Mostly about 15 seconds short and the only really good mobphase with lots of time left over, the game crashed & shut down on me at 90% green bar... was not meant to be.
                      Better luck to everyone else !

                    Finished with a good lv.77 craft.
                    165 Stars, 150+ Syn., Legendary Misty. Top 100.
                    Had a good run of it until CL1800-1900; the xp. seemed to take forever; despite having 3790% xp. gain and bought boosters to keep it.
                    ​Earned most of the gems back.
                    Researching BH xp. more and adaptive play styles.
                    It's still taking 2 minutes for TL100 and at least that for TL105.
                    Looking to make CL 1500+ in silver ANB.

                    Thank you for sharing in forum some of the older posts.
                    I've been getting better and thought I was starting to the hang of things.

                    More reading, more practice.

                    Happy Hunting


                      All goals were met - I think provisionally 36th on the leaderboard. Heroic mode was fully 5-starred (part of some research) and I finished with 14.4k gems from a starting balance of 12.9k. Hope you all had a good event and met your goals and targets


                      • Wisp
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                        Did pretty good. Making 2000CL proved to be a bit lofty.
                        Although the 1900+ gained main 23 lvs., putting it over 2100.
                        Finally got my 77 cape and another good upgrade for main toon.
                        Should be slightly higher on gems than I started Bronze with, by Silver Event time.
                        And with the shorter 9 hr. run, I shouldn't have to buy xp. boosters from Ruby.
                        Hoping to get at least 1500CL and a couple upgrades for Main.

                        Seems TL times need more articulating.
                        Still taking two minutes minimum on anything over TL100.


                      So, what next with hero event that now fill the spot of hero choice?

                      Shall I delete it? Or what? Any suggestion will be thank you very much.


                      • WarriorSeven
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                        I'd keep your extra Warrior. You can use it to 5-star Story to gather all the gems available for that toon while not playing ANB. After you're done 5-starring Story, you'll want to save all her gear in inventory for the next toon, delete your farmer, wait for the next ANB to save a new toon, rinse and repeat (that's one possibility).

                        However, you'll need to dress her first (you won't make a lot of progress--and waste time--without weapons and gear on her)! You may want to use your Main (clothed) toon to farm Trials, picking up any good drops for use on your farmer (which could have gold or experience attributes). Uncommon or Rare gears are fine (anything better is gravy!). Set items are even better (and you learn to use these as you gameplay in Story or Trials). As you farm, remember to always upgrade any existing gear with better pieces that drop for either your Main or Farmer.

                        When your farmer is mostly clothed (fully is best), she can play in Story to claim all the available gems as she 5-stars Story.

                        Another idea is that some players don't even 5-star Story at all and only farm Trials (for gold, experience, essences, gear, gems).

                        So it's your choice, but an extra toon brings a lot of flexibility to help farming goodies that you can store in your inventory and later use to craft better gear for your team.

                        One game progression idea is to build the strongest toon you can so you can compete in Season Trials and earn medals. Others simply accumulate and try all the different classes and gears just to have fun. Or you can do anything in between!

                        So, find your sweet spot, and just remember it's only a game to have fun!
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                        I keep a set of Gold Farming gear which gets passed done from ANB character to ANB character. They equip the Gold Farming gear then go 5-star the world before being deleted (after first returning the gear to my stash) ready for the next ANB character to take up the mission.

                      Same as Wispy ...poor ANBtoons only get to wear secondhand clothes.
                      When starting out, I also had an XP farmer to boost my main toon in the seasonLB - it was a mage back then , but warrior is a better\easier farmer in trials.

                      (biarin saja semua toon dulu sampai tempatnya habis, baru hapus yang paling tidak berguna ....umpamané)
                      Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)
                      [ BrokenGarm , LenniGold , LenniXP ]