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    ANB Bronze 25

    Seeing as we don't have a thread for this Bronze ANB event yet and seeing as for the first time in ages, I am actually taking part in a Bronze ANB, I thought I might as well create it!

    Progress all going to plan so far. Levelled to L70 in 30 mins.

    As it is bronze, completed the story once so dailies can be collected by the ANB toon. Also allows for farming of Morganheim etc if needed.

    Grind has begun. Abilities are cooking away. All going smoothly so far.

    Was looking for the answer to this with no success.
    do purchased companions at the Inn transfer when ANB ends?


    • Tin Man
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      Companions are hero specific and follow the hero that earns/buys them.

    Originally posted by Wulfric View Post
    As it is bronze, completed the story once so dailies can be collected by the ANB toon
    There is no need to complete the story once with the ANB toon "so dailies can be collected by the ANB toon". Any toon (ANB or not) can complete a daily quest once it has been accepted, even by another toon.

    Of course if you want to complete all dailies with the ANB toon, you must have all the relevant maps unlocked, meaning you must unlock all maps up to 4.54 Drakenmoor Catacombs. But the XP and gold rewards from a daily quest is very fast irrelevant, and certainly aren't worthy of the time needed to complete them, let alone going that far in the story maps. The only dailies I complete with my ANB toon are the ones whose completion is just a byproduct of going to 2.18 Rain of Fire or running Trials.
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      lazy Bronze, 1x77 stowedaway, 7h event timer left, 133 end of road, Garmy too hot to handle with temperatures constantly over 35 C° for the past week, 38C° today and 40C° predicted for Wednesday...
      Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)
      [ BrokenGarm , LenniGold , LenniXP ]


      • Bali_Lenni
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        having fun with low CLs...
        TBD broke down 1st try with 3 seconds left....

      Just finished.
      1530 CL was kinda low.
      150+ Syn. 188 Stars. Legendary Misty.
      Made gems back. Crafted two decent items.
      Ran Full Havoc VoW/ToP with CR.
      Didn't switch to 4H/2D until too late.
      Spent a lot of time on 110-119.

      Will probably go to Hybrid w/more cr/cd for shorter ANB's. Maybe make ToS at the end. Still getting chewed up on time over TL110.

      Happy Hunting !
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        I just finished ANB Bronze and spent a lot of gold unlocking all the stash pages for my ANB toon and kept the toon but only have the three pages I have unlocked on my main account available. Am I correct in assuming that pages unlocked in ANB do not transfer to my main account? .


        • WarriorSeven
          WarriorSeven commented
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          Yes, you are correct.

          With that said -- and if you are so inclined to spend a little bit of real money -- consider buying the "second stash chest" in Hometown -- since it will ADD 6 FULL PAGES of inventory space for use by either your Main Hero(s) or your ANB Hero. I think you'll find this additional space could help out tremendously.

          Many (including me) consider this to be one of the best "buy" deals in the game, since it's a one-time cost upfront. So, during ANB, that second stash space is a global feature available to ALL Heros, including your ANB hero, which will literally negate the need to unlock main stash space during ANB (although you can certainly spend the gold to do that, which only makes sense if you intend to save LOTS and LOTS of non-ephemeral items you want transferred back to you Main Heros). Just be aware that items stored in the second stash are not shared between your ANB Hero and any of your Main Heros during the ANB event -- that is, you are buying the extra stash "space", not the ability to share items between your Main Hero with your ANB Hero (which, even if possible, would be considered a cheat).

          It is also useful (dare I necessary!) after you play awhile and quickly see that your first stash chest can easily fill up in your Main account with all kinds of saved gear, trinkets, rings, necklaces, etc., etc. that you don't know what to do with. Some players, even today, say that the original stash PLUS the secondary stash is still not enough room to hoard all their items, LOL!

          Anyway, the second stash purchase is money well spent (IMHO), especially if you intend to play the game for the long haul.

        • Suiyoubinoko
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          Thank you for the information.WarriorSeven. I was hoping that unlocking in ANB for gold instead of 900 Gems per page. Oh well, so it goes, live and learn. Thanks again WarriorSeven.

        Quite a good bronze for me on three counts

        1) In top 25 at event end which means my first ever green medal.

        2) Farmed just over 2000 cls (another first)

        And 3) made it to TL149 (another personal best) but could not clear TL150


        • Bali_Lenni
          Bali_Lenni commented
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          Congratulations on Big Green and personal bests !

        Please can anyone help me with the answer for this; using a celestial transform on a rare(blue) item, does it automatically make the item a legendary with all 5 attributes or does it only grant the item an extra vitality attribute


        • Wulfric
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          As far as I know, all it will do is max out the 2 stats you get with a rare item plus the armour rating of the piece and add the vitality boost.

        • Wisp
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          Only use Celestial Transformation on good high level Legendary items.

        • Adrian Tony Idung
          Adrian Tony Idung commented
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        What's the average celestial essence gotten from dismantling celestial item


        • LodWig
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          Minimum is one, maximum is one. Average also.

        • Bali_Lenni
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