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General Questions about ANB

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    General Questions about ANB

    First time playing this event

    1) what is the generally best strategy? I made it to trial lvl 95 with my bh and ran out of time after that. what class do I play best, what sets do I use (4havoc+2demo?) what do I craft (legendaries to become stronger?) or do I save everything for attempting a lv77 item?
    2) what to craft? I crafted havoc pants since I didn't have any yet on my main and made them celestial
    3) how long does the event last and can I play more than 1 char each time?
    4) how often is it?
    5) do I keep every item without a green border? can I sell the ephemerals then as soon as the timer has run out or is there any use for them after the timer expires?
    6) can I end the event after the timer has run out or do I have to wait until it is over? I want my items!

    1) Depends on what you play. I play mainly warrior so cannot help with bounty hunters.

    2) What to craft. There may be guides in the bounty hunters section of this forum, failing that there will be current guides over on the discord. Generally, you try to craft the best gear possible.

    3) Event time varies. Current Gold ANB has a play limit of 6 hours. But it takes time to cook abilities so time management and good xp farming is critical. Current gold ends in 6 days 21 hrs 20 mins as I type but you only get 6 hours of actually play time in trials or story levels.

    4) Roughly every fortnight, a new event starts except when seasons end. Then there may or may not be a gap of varying length especially if a patch is being released.

    5) Keep good drops, salvage the rest for materials.

    6) You have to wait until the event is ended.