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    Close Fight

    Hi Romme ! My BH just fought your mage in the Arena. I didn't win but came pretty close, so I'm actually quite satisfied with the outcome. We were both down to almost no life, but your mage was able to fire off one last immolate to win the battle. Never thought I'd be able to take on a mage build like that with my BH and almost win, however, so I'm pretty happy.

    Congratulations on your victory!
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    Yea my mage doesn't have a good arena build, just good gear. I'm sure you will get me next time! I stopped playing arena a while back and now with android 11 fps drops to 4 in the arena. Its quite challenging to play with an 8 second delay :P


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      Romme I've trained using your videos so it was quite an honor to be able to meet you in battle. I only stood a chance because it was P vs AI. In a real PVP, I'm pretty sure you'd win rather handily.

      Yeah, the AI moves so fast, then you get hit with FPS slowdowns. That's why my build is designed to try and even things up, and I think that it mostly succeeds. I've generally been able to hold my own even with so-so gear. The AI doesn't really know how to fight with my setup, however, so I often lose when I'm attacked and have to make up the lost points afterwards.

    Romme , you were right! I was finally able to beat your mage. After I saw you tweak the build, I thought, "Oh, no, I'm going to have a hard time winning against that!" But thanks to you and bojck , I was able to come up with a way to do it.