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    Bounty hunter

    What is the best build for defeating boss fights.

    Stalker build is the king of the leaderboards. It is just the most efficient in trials. You need all 6 Stalker set pieces and Shadow's Assassin guns. Snipe and Poisoned ammo are the most important abilities. For Molten belt which gives damage boost, also Tracer Ammo and Explosive Shot. Most often used trinkets are Talisman of Storms and Vial of Wind Spirit or Charm of Qol. Just see the leaderboards to check top players' setups.
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    • Ozymandius
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      +1 nice summary Seba

      For a beginning BH, I would recommend using Magnetic Trap but you will need to eventually switch over to SmokeScreen at higher trials. Also, use Rapid Fire because it gives you a damage boost. Fight sequence is trap or Vortex mob, the hit them with Rapid Fire followed by Snipe.
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      Ozymandius why is smokeScreen good for high Tls????