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    Question about Mag Trap

    For any BH players using Mag Trap: Have you tried Mag Trap BoM? And if so, did it help with your mob clearing times in TLs?

    For 2xHavoc/4xDemo is use this and it seems to help, though I have not done rigorous measurement.... its just the best BoM i have gotten for the build so far.
    Click image for larger version

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    For 6x Demo this:
    Click image for larger version

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    Neither are great examples and I hope to improve on them over time. Both seem to help a lot.


      I've pushed with a MT BoM this AnB and MT was the major damage contributer until the sticky bomb chain reaction started. I had like 12 to 20% of the dps per full run when using MT, RF, MS.
      In the end I crafted more BoMs until I got a HS BoM and reached a bit higher with HS instead of MS.
      This was with crit build and 4demo,2havoc

      I just ran another test in tl136 and had 1B dps (mob phase) from MT with 431% MT bracer again using multishot, here with lily build.

      If you're thinking for Stalker, keep in mind that I had/have 4 times +fire on uniques.

      For crit build demo HS with HS bracer won.
      For lily I still don't know what is better, but right now I feel crit build performs better anyway, already at tls above 130.

      Oh and to answer your question, yes it did help quite a lot for mob phase.
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        My first thought is that Magnetic Trap is mostly useful for mob control. With my 4 Demo with Havoc gloves and helmet critical build BH, MT only accounts for 4% of overall damage with as much as 60% of the overall damage coming from Sticky Bombs. I ran a quick comparison swapping in Trapper Belt and a BoM with MT booster, and the damage from MT rose from 4% to 27% for the same trial run. That was a much larger increase than I expected. If I have more time this week, I will run some additional tests to see whether the extra damage comes more from the Trapper Belt or from the BoM.


          Yes, I try to have a BoM with MagTrap during ANBs with my Stalker BH. It helps me in exp farming, it improves my clear time. I also use it in pushing, very helpful in mob phase.


            Thanks everyone.

            I haven't dropped the glory for the recipe yet but if the impending new feature isn't glory related I will. Just looking for something that will help me reduce mob clearing times from TL 140 - 145 (beyond that I'll need to fully transition to smoke screen I imagine).

            I know Mag Trap won't be a huge difference because stalker specs for nature damage instead of fire, but if I can drop my mob clearing time by, say, 30 seconds or so I can clear a few more levels I think.

            When I do eventually grab the BH BoM recipe I'll be trying for the Snipe BoM but if the 77 is a different type (which it likely will be) I wanted to be open to other options. Anyone had any luck with RF or Exp Shot?
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              Originally posted by Travesty View Post
              For any BH players using Mag Trap: Have you tried Mag Trap BoM? And if so, did it help with your mob clearing times in TLs?
              OK, I did some research and here is what I found. First, I ran a standard critical build 4 Demo BH with Havoc gloves and helmet without any Magnetic Trap boosters through TL105 for three trials and calculated the average damage, Second, I repeated the process with the Trapper's Belt, then I removed Trapper Belt and equipped a Bracer of Mastery with a 457% Mag Trap boost, and finally ran a set of trials with both Trapper Belt and BoM. The average damage for each set up is shown in the table.
              none Belt BoM BoM & Belt
              Magnetic Trap 3.22 31.29 48.82 64.73
              Sticky bomb 89.73 91.32 75.60 56.94
              VoWS 8.95 7.17 9.93 10.00
              Heatseekers 6.99 8.04 7.51 9.43
              Explosive Shot AOE 13.86 10.84 14.23 7.80
              Missile Proc 9.87 10.08 9.44 7.48
              Explosive Shot 15.05 13.94 8.18 6.34
              Rapid Fire 7.06 7.49 7.42 5.87
              Piercing 2.79 1.78 3.71 4.23
              157.51 181.95 184.85 172.82
              The total overall damage from the trial does not change all that much, but a lot of the damage from Sticky Bombs and Explosive Shot shifted over to Magnetic Trap when swapping out the BoM with Explosive Shot booster for the BoM for MT. The other types of damage do not change all that much. Overall, I did not notice much change in the time needed to complete the trail or in the overall experience of trapping and blowing up mobs.