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Which is the best BoM for stalker set?

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    Which is the best BoM for stalker set?

    All other things equal, would you rather use a level 75 bracer with snipe damage increased 64%, a 76 with RF DMG increased 66%, or a 77 with ES DMG increased 92%?

    I just crafted the 77 and I'm wondering if other stalker set users would consider using a CT on any of these BoMs....

    when LB will be back you'll see that most of the top BH CTed normal level 77 bracers ... skill effect on bracers don't matter for stalker so just CT any 77


      Hard to say without knowing more; what are the other stats on the bracers?

      Put it this way: for straight stalker I’d take the snipe boost 75 all day, assuming that the other stats aren’t gold, deflect, and dodge, or similar drek. However, I wouldn’t bother using a CT on it unless I had CTs coming out of my ears.

      (For hybrid/fun stalker/demo, I’d take the ES bracer, but I’m probably alone on that bus; best to ignore this whole sentence.)

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      • Jraggun
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        The stats are identical on a three. I crafted them all lol. Is snipes dot and/or the snipe proc influenced by the BoM's snipe dmg increase?
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      • echomirage
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        I think at least the proc is, but someone with more experience that’s actually tested this should definitely weigh in.

      I asked this question in the past. General opinion is that a BoM with snipe damage only increases the initial snipe bullet damage(I assume physical damage?), but does not have any effect on the snipe DOT damage(nature damage) which for a stalker represents 85-95% of the total during a trial. It means you should CT any lvl77 bracer to take advantage of the high attributes and not care too much about the extra effect of a BoM.
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      • UmbraDei
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        Correct, and even worse, it seems to be only the bullet of the Snipe *ability*. The Stalker set 5-second proc is not even boosted at all

      Calin Chc and UmbraDei Thanks for clarifying!. That explains why BoMs for a Stalker don't really have much of an impact. I agree that just using your highest stats bracer is all you need for Stalker BH. I still have not bothered to open the BoM recipe, just using bracer drops from ANBs.


        Thank you for clarifying everyone. That info is greatly appreciated. Why did I unlock the BH BoM again...?


        • Calin Chc
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          I'm not that sorry for the glory I spent to unlock BoM, but the crafting cost would have been much much smaller for a normal lvl77 bracer. Gathering those materials is painful. In the end, the lvl77 BoM I've crafted(after many many many attempts) has +62% rapid fire damage, which is a bit disappointing, not even half of what could have been(55%-70%). Psychologically, a +65% would have looked "satisfying".

        Very much appreciate this topic
        As i am a "Stalker player" seems i dont have to unlocked this thing for our Bronze ANB or ( normal BH playin). Just a "normal Legendary braces will be sufficient? ( i'm not aiming high for trials -Just for fun):
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        Trial 177 in 9:36 min. This is fun


        • Tin Man
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          Correct. The top three season stalkers do not have a Bracer of Mastery.

        • Stusmith50
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          The bounty hunter BOM does have a use - cheaply using up the last few crafts when you want to open a new crafting bag!

        I am fairly new to the game, but in my experience with the BoM, their is some flexibility in what is best. For example, I followed the advice of those that said to put Nature Damage on Trinkets, Belt, and Bracer, to boost poison damage. I was using a generic bracer at the time as I had not yet unlocked the BoM recipe. I crafted a BoM that boosted Frozen Trap by 456%, so I decided to put Frozen Trap in the third ability slot, and sub Frost Damage for three of the four ND. Worked very well, and took my BH from stuck around Trial 90, to around 105. Then I crafted a BoM with a Magnetic Trap boost of 483%. So I switched to Magnetic Trap and Fire Damage in subsequent craftings, and my Main BH got from 105 to 115. He is resting while the current Bronze ANB is going on. The BH I am using has been using what I call my Magnetic Trap Build, which is MT in the third ability slot, Fire Damage on Trinkets and Belt. I was still using Frozen Trap when I crafted the BoM with the MT boost, so I am using a BoM with CD, CR, Haste, and FD with the 483% MT Boost. I tried crafting BoMs with Fire Damage, and crafted some 74s and 75s, but the boost was usually low percentage increases on obscure abilities. So I am using a lower level BoM with a better item effect, despite having Frost Damage instead of Fire Damage. But it’s a roll of the forge on what you will get when crafting a BoM, and they are nothing special from a generic bracer unless you roll a decent item effect. So my ANB BH got my first Celestial and just finished Trial 109 at about 2.5 hours in. So that second Celestial is on the horizon. Just a note: has anyone else been unable to access healing potions or apples during combat when using Ginger Beer, Stew of the Day, and Elderan Coffee? The icons for those boosters overlay the healing potion and apple icons, so trying to drink a potion or eat an apple brings up a mini stat screen for those boosters, which you can read while you die in combat. I love Eternium!


        • Turgeon
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          For the potion im us3d to draw the sign instead of tapping on it

        • Ozymandius
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          Yes, a lot has changed since the original posts about BoM. For a 6 piece Havoc a Heatseekers BoM is pretty important, especially if you are running the Belt of Ordnance and going all in on Fire Damage. For the 4H:2D hybrid build, however, I think you may be able to go back to just using any old BoM or just plain bracers since most of the damage for hybrid comes from Sticky Bombs. Nine of the top 10 players on the season leaderboard are still using Heatseeker BoM, but that could just be a throwback to experiments with the full 6 piece Havoc build.

        Thank you Turgeon, and a big palm slap to my forehead and a d’oh! I completely forgot about drawing the signs for potions and apples, despite having done it numerous times by accident when trying to use an attack or ability, which usually elicited an oh sh** and an untimely death. And Ozymandius makes an excellent point. Some builds are strict in that they require specific components, items, effects, etc… I don’t know at what point it happened for my main BH, but I crafted the right item or put the right enchantment or stat on an item, and the next time I went out, I was trotting along, and targeted a nearby mob and BOOM! Everything shattered and it was raining gold coins and gemstones. You will never forget the first time that happens. Now it is routine, but I love it every time it happens! It sure beats hacking some poor skeleton for five minutes like poor Marcus does until you turn around and put it out of its misery. So for the current Bronze ANB, I tried building my BH similar to my main. Needless to say, I just finished Trial 110 and have my second ever Celestial, though I probably died more than necessary from tapping on my Ginger Beer! But my point is, follow the advice in the Forums. Some things work only if you use the exact items, stats, attacks, abilities, and passives, but they work well. Other times you can tweak and experiment, like the third ability slot and various BoMs. Thanks to all of you that take the time to share your suggestions and experiences in the Forums.


        • Turgeon
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          Np tolimar and btw welcome to the game