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    By overall nerf?

    I just started a by for the bronze event and I haven’t ever died so much and it takes so long to kill mobs. It seems as if my toon is much squishier and puts out way less damage. I’ve tried all the different shots and they’re all less powerful than before. Anyone else experiencing this too?

    Yes everyone sees it.

    It's part of the recent update to make the game more difficult. Monsters got buffed. Legendary drop rate got nerfed as well as some abilities (warrior).


      I am experiencing all kinds of bugs, I think the Bronze event should be re-run after they fix all the bugs Playing as Mage [if that matters]. I did an application reset first as it was suggested as a possible fix for a startup issue where it would not recognize network connection or would just shutdown while initializing. The reset did not fix that issue. If I retry start once or twice again it works.

      1) It is not recognizing completed events. I Killed Gorlak Wallshatter but Eternium will not recognize it even as I stand over his dead body.

      2) I can not continue Story Mode because Malador event is incomplete. Could probably fix by rerunning the entire Malador story, but I am tired of wasting so much time on all the bugs. I had to do this re-run on another story for similar reason already.

      3) Some times it is not recognize when goal posts are touched.

      4) Several times it would not allow me to jump through the event finished portal. I would even recast the portal, it still would not allow me through. Tried several different approach angles still does not work. Quiting event and rerun it [a huge timer loss] sometimes fixes it.

      5) I give up, wasted well over an hour of game timer circumventing bugs and it is no fun playing the game in it's current state.


      • Grand_Wazoo
        Grand_Wazoo commented
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        I assume your playing on PC.

        There is a long time bug about the game crashing just after entering credentials (synchronizing profile). I also get network connection issue every once in a while.Even if there is no problem with my connection.
        Sometimes it takes 5 to 8 attempts to finally get in the game. The usual workaround doesn't work. Guess we have to live with it.

        Hopefully it will get fix...soon.

      The occasional crash followed by resetting app data is something I've just become accustomed to with this game. But the recent update really exacerbated this issue, and I'm now seeing 3-4 crashes per 10 minutes, for periods of time, followed by some time of relative peace to play again... for a bit.

      Another fun one not on your list involves inadvertently releasing the mouse button over one item while dragging another, as far as I can tell, and results in the disappearance of said item!

      Yay, fun.

      Downloading the infamous drop nerf update... 10 seconds.

      Pointlessly bitching about the drop rate nerf introducing an aggressively Pay-to-Win balance change, as if anyone who has a say in the matter cares.... a good half hour.

      Time it took to salvage my first couple MOT's in the new Bronze ANB... 2 IRL days and over an hour of event play timer.

      Finally crafting the first decent weapon you've seen all ANB, after adjusting to the new balance changes, and then clicking your level 76 socketed 2.2K damage pistol instantly into oblivion by unknown means, as you try to throw a gem into it.....

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        Good to know I'm not the only one seeing the very odd results. The initialization problem I can live with, it only requires 1 or 2 re-tries on my system [a PC] when it happens. The other problems will force me to stop playing the frustrating ANB event, it just serves to frustrate me to a point of despair.

        Now for the largest issue, I would like others input or "like" votes if you agree:

        It seems there is an "elite" set of players that have accumulated a lot of medals and celestial items. I am not trying to imply they are not excellent players or have not developed unique winning strategies [I have seen their videos and they are definitely better players than myself], but they started the game when Celestials were more common and levels were easier. They accumulated a lot of medals and celestial items which gives them greater powers, I think I read that at one point you could get a rare celestial drop at any point above trial level 80 in regular game play.

        Here is the issue, these same players lead the leader boards in every new event which is pretty obvious if you look at the leader boards. A noob can play forever and never get to the top of the leader board because the players with superior weapons and a lot of medals have the distinct advantage. That combined with the developers continually making the game harder just continues to give the advantage to the few who have collected superior gear and extra medal powers from when the game was easier to play and celestial items were normal drops at higher levels, it enforces the old saying "The rich just get richer". Once you are in the "winners" circle it kind of becomes a closed club with no new members allowed.

        I do not have a solulion other than perhaps creating a beginners game where only noob players allowed. I do not know how to prevent the "Power" players from joining.

        I probably should make this a separate post since it is a little off the original title.


        • BalthasarHohenheim
          BalthasarHohenheim commented
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          A few correction are needed here.
          First, you need to differentiate between ANB and season events. In ANB events old gear i meaningless, since you are on a new character without access to your old stuff. You are right with Season events though.
          Second, you could never get a rare celestial drop. There was a short time frame after celestial essences were introduced, where you could find them in locked chests from a bug. After this was fixed the devs purged all excess celestial essences and all falsely made celestial items from the game. So this doesn't affect the current leaderboards (and it was when the maximum gear level was 70).
          Third, the devs do **** over veterans from time to time by raising the maximum gear level (it went from 70 to 75 to the current 77) and nerfing powerful sets. Sooner or later it will happen again for a more level playing field.

          The big problem with this game is, that it has become heavy pay-to-win. The "same players lead the leader boards" is most often because they invested much more gems than the others (and the gear drop changes made that 10-times worse).

        • Romme
          Romme commented
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          This nerf widened the gap between veteran players and new players. It also made it more p2w than it was before. I use to be able to place top10 in anbs. Ever since they reduced crafting costs I havent been able to since I don't spend a bunch of gems (usually a few thousand). Some of those top10 players are spending way more...20k+ gems per anb. Nerfed drops dont effect them because they get most of their materials from legendary crates. Those guys won't notice new drop rates and you will see a bigger gap between f2p and p2w moving forward.

          Also just wanted to comment about the medals. After you get a few of each the amount you get for another medal is so small because of the diminishing returns. Sure it helps a little but I don't think it's game changing.
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        • CarnivorousDeathParrot.2
          CarnivorousDeathParrot.2 commented
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          I see this more on pvp, where everyone in the top 200 (more or less) seems to have a full set of level 77 CT gear.

          But right now it's too expensive to craft anything decent and there are no interesting sets to look forward too anyway.

          I made some quick calculations based on the LBs and I don't think that the company must be doing well financially, despite all the recent antics, but maybe I'm underestimating how much whales are spending.

        Sigh. A lot of people seem frustrated with the obvious Pay to win decision. Every new game starts off great. Then the shift is made to force everyone down the path to paying to stay in the running. I’ve left plenty of games and I hope Eternium won’t be another one. I really do enjoy this play style. But I can’t stand the latest update and how un-enjoyable it became overnight.