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Are Havoc set missiles fire damage?

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    Are Havoc set missiles fire damage?

    Does anyone know if the missiles from the 2-piece Havoc set bonus are fire damage? Are the bombs from the 2-piece Demolitionist set as well? The descriptions don't say.

    Thank you

    Both are fire damage.

    You can see this with the following experiment:
    1. Remove your guns
    2. Equip a Fire Lily
    3. Equip at least two Havoc pieces, and at least two Demolitionist pieces or the Assassin's Belt
    4. Equip at least one item (other than the Fire Lily and the Assassin's Belt) with +FiD%, note the Power and Bonus Fire damage
    5. Go to the Training Grounds, single enemy damage
    6. Fire until sticking one bomb, stop firing, wait for the bomb to explode
    7. Pop the Details sheet and note the damage done by the bomb and the average damage done by the missile procs (you very likely had at least one proc before sticking a bomb)
    8. Reset the Details sheet
    9. Unequip one item with +FiD% (not the Fire Lily or Assassin's Belt), note the Power and Bonus Fire damage
    10. Redo steps 6 and 7

    In both cases, the damage of one bomb should be close to:
    100 × ( 1 + P∕200 ) × ( 1 + F )

    and the damage of one missile should be close to:
    25 × ( 1 + P∕200 ) × ( 1 + F )

    (with P and F the respective Power and Bonus Fire damage).
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      nice. that is some math there which i dont understand now we know it is a fire damage thank u.

    Brilliant. Thank you so much