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How a BH manage The broken Dragon?

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    How a BH manage The broken Dragon?

    Just try my luck loday at trial 112
    eventhough manage at the first attempt: many time die.
    err: any tips how to face TBD
    for me: the most difficult boss for my BH is: TBD. Although she die in "no-time" (very fast) with a BH I have to die many2 time. This is outrageous
    Please teach me
    Do you run in between or far away from " the dunno wat we call that thing from her?? and any other recommendation?
    this is my hero's attribute:how to improve? is it ok to go further ? how bout Vitality & LOH is it sufficient
    many thanks
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    Honest playin with Low end Pc
    Shield warrior lover Trial 139 (Final Destination? Ohh for heaven's sake I'm not sure)

    TheExorcist The secret is to stay in tight but just outside of TBDs stun circle. Instead of making big movements, just adjust a bit to one side or the other when the yellow arrow appears. BH lacks a Warrior's armor, so you cannot survive fire blasts or lava circles very well. After third fire attack, I like to move back a bit, so I can move in between the gaps in the ring of fire attack or you can use obstacles on the map to duck out of the way. Watch her blue status bar and time your major attacks for when the blue bar disappears. Good luck!