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No idea how Kara died almost instantly?

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    No idea how Kara died almost instantly?

    I'm learning that I have no understanding of how my bounty hunter works. Damage 630k/Toughness 718k/167k Recovery/Stalker6/ShadowAssasins/TOS&WindSpirit. I've played a mage for a while and understand shatter but am clueless on the bounty hunter.

    I go to fight Kara on 90 and she dies almost instantly?? I've attached the summary from the trial.

    After using Snipe for a while, I still have no clue what happened here.

    Can someone explain the special snipes to me? DOT and PROC

    I use smoke screen 9/rapid fire 10/snipe 10 in that order typically.

    Any help as to why Kara died almost instantly is also appreciated.

    Sorry if these are stupid questions.

    RF which procced both snipe and ToS.


      Originally posted by Sparkylicious View Post
      Can someone explain the special snipes to me? DOT and PROC
      Snipe DOT is Damage Over Time caused by enemies taking a Snipe hit, and it is your most powerful damage maker. You just round up mobs, hit them with Snipe, and the bleed damage takes over. It is the main reason why no other BH gear set can be competitive [nothing is as damaging as Snipe DOT].

      Snipe PROC refers to the random snipe hits that your hero fires during a fire fight. These are real damage makers as well since they trigger instant damage followed by DOT.

      Snipe refers to the manual snipe shots that you trigger by drawing rune or pressing keyboard button. Typically, unless you have very high Ability Rate, you will have many more of the random snipe procs than manual Snipe hits, so making the most of those random snipe procs is really important.

      If you managed to attack Kara with Snipe when ToS is active and you got the damage bonuses from RF, SmokeScreen, and ToS then that would explain your quick result. Most of the top BHs have mastered the art of rounding up mobs, dodging their counter attacks, and waiting to deploy their major ability attacks as soon as ToS becomes active. The more enemies that you can Snipe with ToS active, the faster your trial run will be.


        Originally posted by Ozymandius View Post

        Snipe DOT is Damage Over Time caused by enemies taking a Snipe hit, ...
        I just learned more in the two minutes reading your post than I have in several months playing the game and scanning the forums. Thank you very much for your response! I now have a chance at planning attacks instead of attacking randomly and hoping. Brilliant.


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          Glad I could help. Good luck!

        Sparkylicious, thanks for asking the question, and thanks for the excellent explanation Ozymandius. Even veterans can learn something new on forums if we pay attention.