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Frozen Trap Triggers

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    Frozen Trap Triggers

    Can anyone here please let me know what situations trigger the Frozen Trap once it's been cast?

    There are times when an enemy walks into it and it goes off, and others where they just walk right through it and nothing happens until I shoot them, whereupon the trap will suddenly activate.

    FT is a pile of nerfed crap, these days. I'm using magnetic, at my level; it's at least predictable by the clock.
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      Just a guess but it probably has something to do with CC resistance.

      Have you noticed if the enemies that are not triggering your traps had their CC meter ( grey/blue bar above their life bar) filled?

      This bar is related to Crowd Control(CC) resistance. When an enemy is struck with CC (Stunned, frozen etc...) this bar will fill. The bar's fill will lower over time, and has no effect on its own. When the bar is full, it will turn blue, and the enemy will be temporarily rendered immune to Stun and Freeze effects.

      Of course I can be wrong.
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        Thanks! Yes, I do check that bar, and it happens even when the bar isn't full or blue.