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    Havoc 4pc

    I was just testing to see what kind of damage magnetic trap can build up to with all the trap damage bonuses available to bounty hunters. I created a blue havoc set with armour and life on hit and a fire lily so as not to interfere with the damage stats. First I tried magnetic trap naked on 3 pcs so without the 4pc bonus and cast 15 times and got 8.9 million damage. I then equipped the other pieces and did the same test and it came out at 9.04 million damage. The 4pc bonus says 200% increase to trap damage. I was expecting around 27 million damage so 3x the damage. Can anyone explain what has happened here? The results are close enough that I'd say the bonus wasn't added at all. Is it anything to do with using blue gear for the test or have I missed something?

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      Game is designed for ppl spamming random buttons and skills, since if u try to invest time in some build u will only find out that u just got fooled and almost nothing works exactly as intended.