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Dumb question - Am I targeting correctly?

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    Dumb question - Am I targeting correctly?

    I've watched many BH videos and am impressed with the player's ability to immediately target and start firing upon the mob as soon as they stop running while gathering a group. The only way I've stumbled on starting an attack while kiting a large group is either using the auto-attack settings...which typically has me drawn back into the middle of a large group because that is where my last targeted seems to be...or frantically trying to click my cursor on the nearest enemy after coming to a complete stop and 50% of the time clicking into the meat of the group rather than clicking on one at the edge of the group. Neither seems to be a workable strategy at higher level trials to say the least. Do I just need to get better at either of those strategies? Or am I missing out on a magical hot-key that target the nearest enemy when pressed?

    Oh...I play on a PC.


    A lot of this is practice and technique. BH is my favorite to take advantage of attack abilities at a distance. No need to be up close and personal to mobs to agro. Shoot from afar!

    Experiment with both auto attack settings. It definitely depends on your style of play. Try both off first, test in a low level Trial Mode. Then turn just one on, test in the same trial. Then the just the other, test. Finally, both. Run this same sequence a few times in Story Mode. You'll quickly find comfort in one setting to use in each Mode. Remember to change these depending on the Mode you are be running.

    Finally, you mentioned you play on PC. Have you tried installing Steam for PC? The UI is very similar, but a targeted enemy is highlighted in Steam, a nice feature not available on plain PC. Helps immensely to pick single targets vs. large mobs before attacking.
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      Thanks! No problem agro'ing. Just when trying to pick a target on the edge rather than in the middle of a large mob I am circling. Great point about Steam. I will switch over there and practice to see if the highlighting helps my issues. Maybe it is just horrible hand-eye coordination on my part lol.