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How do you defeat Kara as a BH?

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    How do you defeat Kara as a BH?

    And Elban...and The Dragon...and...

    I mean, any boss hit you take is a one-shot. You can't get hit as a BH
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    I kite.
    “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


      It is a total dodgeball game for a BH, especially at higher trials. Luckily, her attack pattern is very predictable. Learn how many seconds between attacks, so you can move just before she fires to keep from being hit. It is easiest if you can fight her from one side. If you are on her right side, start at her 2 o'clock, then drop down to around her 4 o'clock to avoid the first attack, pause briefly to get her to retarget you new position, then move back up to her 2 o'clock position to avoid the second attack. Then repeat, moving down then up then down then up, until the purple arrows appear. For that wider attack, you can drop all the way down to her 6 o'clock position and either carefully time you move back up to avoid being hit by the purple arrows OR circle around behind her until you are back at her 2 o'clock position OR you can run directly under her to the opposite side. You have to make a timing adjustment to her purple arrow attack, otherwise the sequence goes like clockwork.

      If you have Molten Belt and Igniters weapons, you can get enough hits on her in between dying so that you can build up enough molten stacks to one shot her when ToS or ToP procs. There are a lot of videos on YouTube that you can watch; in this one Romme just kites to keep distance up between Kara's attacks using the die then resurrect method:

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      Good Luck!


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        Not dying is also a good strategy.

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        Thanks man. Need to practice my kiting!

      what, how do you guys even do enough damage? I am at low TL (95) and I can tank all normal hits, only need to dodge the knives, same for other bosses. I dont do much damage so it would take forever if I had to kite...
      I put maybe 2-3 stats in vitality, the rest is all power, crit, crit damage and haste