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    Bounty Hunter game style

    Hello there, I am bounty hunter user. I'm playing on a mobile tablet. I bought it with one finger, but I can go up to trial 146. I need your advice on mobile platform. How can I develop a playing style?

    Welcome, hakanhany, to the game and to this Forum.

    If someone asked me about my style, I would say it is a very personal thing. And that's because, especially in gameplay, I am/you are the best person to know how to explore your own talents and shortcomings. How to develop a style? For me, personally, it boils down to 3 things:

    1) Practice, practice, practice. This game requires a lot of your free time. And I think practice is best accomplished during non-ANB events by just playing Story and Trial levels. All 5 bosses can be found in both scenarios for you to learn about their strengths and weaknesses, which in turn will help uncover things you need to work on to improve. For beginners, Story level practice is easier than Trials. But once you master (or bore yourself in Story), try advancing in Trials to its completion to beat each of the bosses. Then progress toward higher trial where is become more difficult with each level. To test how your practice is progressing, simply track how fast you complete a level, one of the key elements of the game. Try to improve at all levels.

    2) Learn everything you can about your Bounty Hunter's class skills and his/her gear. There is a LOT of info and data posted all around Eternium, so sometimes it seems like you're trying to drink from a firehose to aborb it all. Just be patient, another undocumented requirement of the game. It literally takes months and years to develop a really good champion. For me, the study aspect of the game is its biggest challenge. You'll want to learn how YOU can best adapt to your favorite class while its married to YOUR favorite gear. If you are a new player, I wouldn't get too, too hung up about challenging the top Leaderboards at this stage. Instead, try to learn about your toon class, abilities, and all the interactions with the gear. The competition aspect of the game will come later, automatically.

    3) Finally, don't be afraid to come to the Forum here to ask questions (as you are doing now). You may also want to join the sister Discord channel (it's free), which is more of a real-time chatroom than these "slower paced" Forum boards -- if that is your style. The best Eternium experts and veterans post on Discord (many post here as well, but not as often), and most times you can get an answer to a question or advice there almost instantaneously.

    Good luck! And remember (as some do not, for some reason?), that this is a Free-To-Play game to have fun. If that doesn't work for you out of some sense of frustration, simply move onto something that does. Life is too short.

    With that, others here can offer up more ideas.
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      Also check out Two Thumbs guide on Discord. It has a lot of information on playing Havoc BH that is really up to date. They also play mobile...

      Discord is great for playing games and chilling with friends, or even building a worldwide community. Customize your own space to talk, play, and hang out.


      Thank you so much warriorseven and ozymandius