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    Alright I absolutely cannot farm gear as a BH. I get one-shotted by mobs and don't even see what hit me. What's a breeze with warrior is all but impossible with BH. Any advice on which stats to change (vitality, dodge?)? This is in ANB gold with epic ephemeral gear btw Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20220907_180946.jpg Views:	0 Size:	118.7 KB ID:	214296
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20220907_181009.jpg Views:	0 Size:	117.3 KB ID:	214295

    I am the absolute wrong person to give build advice but two things are blatant.

    1) No elemental damage.

    2) Absolutely terrible Ability Rating. Looks like you have AR on next to nothing.

    3) Looks like you have put all your Champion Points on CD, CR or Haste.

    4) You look like you are at least CL 300 because your Life on Hit is 1152 and your Regeneration is 2405.

    Generally being one-shot mean not enough Vitality regardless of the hero class. You only have 141 Vitality. Are you socketing Vitality gemstones?

    You give no indication what build you are running. Maybe you should not be running Scout's Gear.

    What trial are you having difficult with?

    I claim no expertise with bounty hunters. Those are just general observations that apply to all classes.

    There really are not build guides for bounty hunters here on the Forum that are current. Have you looked at the build guides on Discord? Those were just updated.


      Tin Man
      1. Yes, elemental damage would be preferable but, you know, epic gear... Only three stats (I have CD, H, and XP on everything)
      2. Correct. All the LB builds have only P, CR, CD, and H. I would think that they would want more AR too...
      3. Yes, only CL 750 at the moment so I've filled up all the capped stats
      Yeah, I would think that I need more vitality... Or something

      Hey don't knock the Scouts gear! There was a time when the meta warrior build was 4 Adv, 2 Jugg simply for the added stats! But seriously, no I'm running 4 Hav, 2 Demo.

      Currently I'm just trying to farm trial 90. And dying constantly

      No, I don't discord. Where do I find the builds?
      DUCI HEXA YIWA 0721


        hey can i ask what is the perfect stats for a single jewelry?????????


        Hi Arawn, only just seen this ….. I play BH a lot, although I’m not very good ….

        in my experience I would suggest that, just like the Mage, the BH is a bit of a fragile butterfly, and looking at those stats I would suggest that (just like the mage) your armour is too low.

        I usually bump the armour up to over 80/81 at least and I see you are on 77 currently and I find this makes a great difference
        although the BH has great dodge , both the mage and BH always need a boost in that dept

        personally, if I’m playing purple gear, I normally play with a Fire Lily
        when I play the Legendary gear I will then adjust and put in any criticals that I think I need when I upgrade


        • Arawn
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          Thanks Hairball ! Yeah I probably should have used FL with the epic gear. Live and learn