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Cant get 169 finished

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    Cant get 169 finished

    Ugh. This one has been tough. CL2172. Gear almost perfect. 93.3 fire damage. 51.9% crit, 7 hps. Character Thum on the leaderboards. Try to just back and forth on his spit but the blue pool is almost certain death.

    Trying to get teash cleared in 5 minutes just mobs are redonc these days at 169

    Im not there yet but since my gear is average 172, I got no slayer enchants on weapons, my only enchant is 50% elite dmg in helmet, and I cleared 141 so far, I do think I have a few tips as I have had to abuse terrain to my advantage with for example Garm.
    You cant dodge his spits its very difficult. With this specific boss it is vital that you on the map find a rather large rock, and spawn him near or pull him to this rock. What you do, is run around in cirkles to avoid his damage, until he starts his breath. Sooon after breath, as you know he spawns his healing cirkles, from there on you are fine. A nitty trick with the dragon bosses is that even if they are obstructed by terrain such as a large rock. Their hitbox is so large that you actually can deal damage to them through such a pieace of terrain where as vs other bosses you cant. So kite around until you have the fields of healing. The difficult part of this boss is if you die and need to wait for one to spawn, which is why you need terrain to kite him around, if you are hit by 1 of his spits you die, period. Atleast I do. So I had to simply abuse terrain and thats how I beat this boss. I beat 139 at CL 1500, with an item level average of 171,9 and my only enchant is still slayer on helmet. 50% elite damage is a game changer no other bounty hunter then I run with, mathematically it is the best for trials not sure why people run osmosis, makes no sense. Im new but I know my math. We get minutes longer uptime on the boss to stack molten, making molten stronger then osmosis, and the trash clearing section of trials smoother due to one lesser enchant.


      Ty for the advice. Will try to pillar hump him down


        hmmmm... ...if this for mage... not know if windows is different ...on mobile, I think one definitely tries to avoid Garmi near a rock, as most of the time you will be beaming the rock and do 0 dmg...

        still the part about terrain is correct, as the essential thing is to spawn him in a space tight enough to have overlapping blue and yellow circles, yet not too small either as there is then no more room to run and\or circles are too close to him which makes it difficult to keep a safe distance from his inner circle...

        As for avoiding the green spitballs, it is not that hard with a bit of practice: stay just close enough so as not to activate the three simultaneous ones; then either run around him or run backwards and forwards (on my mobile change direction\tap instantly after a new spitting and that will avoid all of them if done right, it helps to have enough toughness to handle the first ball hitting in) or a combination of both.
        Try and get an immolate in while is getting ready for his flamethrow and beam while he is huffing fire...

        There's some great videos from real experts if you hunt around a bit...

        ..good luck
        Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)
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