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Slayer 50% Elite Damage, made my new BH with average item level 72 push 141, working towards 150

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    Slayer 50% Elite Damage, made my new BH with average item level 72 push 141, working towards 150

    New player here.
    I notice that I am likely the only bounty hunter on leader boards with the lesser Slayer Enchant on Helmet. Most run Osmosis.

    I can post some screen shots but my average dps in a trial is roughly 50% higher then those with an average item level of 75 and celestial gear. I have zero celestials, zero medallions, and the average top damage on my both weapons combined is 1900. I hit Trial 135 at CL 1300. now Im 1520 and completed 141. I did not push much further. Im taking a break.

    Reasoning behind why i went slayer enchant on helmet is after checking the new warrior meta.
    But my findings is pretty interesting. It seems explosive shot AOE portion as well as sticky bombs, that affects elits and as such deals 50% more damage, their aoe portion with increased damage seems to affect everything, including minor mobs.

    Reason I have been able to push high in trials with mediocre beginning gear have been due to the speed at which I can clear the timer. I simply have 2 to 3 more minutes on the boss then even player with far superior gear then I have.
    And this is where molten belt comes into effect. My molten belt passive % bonus damage, will have bypassed osmosis as I have more time on the boss. For example in trial 141 I had 5 minutes and 20 seconds to kill the boss. I cleared the trash section in 4 minutes and 40 seconds, with item level 72 weapons, zero celestials, but I have 70% fire damage in my gear.

    When I check leaderboards around me and I am beating in time, people with far far far superior gear, and I do it since yesterday, my conclusion is simply that the lesser Slayer enchant seems to be a hidden factor in my build.

    So I thought I share it. I wonder how far better geared Bhs can push if they swap osmosis out for Slayer in the helmet. That 50% elite dmg is no joke.
    "But we need boss damage"...well again, you will average 2 minutes faster push time to the boss when you are near your peak trials, and as long as you have decent up time, your molten belt will by pass osmosis as it will have around 2 to 3 minutes longer time to stack.

    I cant see any other possible situation then this.

    I also write this because I am farily sure my account might be suspected of hacking, considering my gear, no medals, now decent cl but was 1k below most and still pushing similar trial levels.
    My reasoning is simply that the 50% elite damage slayer enchant is really a game changer also for bounty hunters.

    I strongly recommend anyone to try it and give their opinion.

    My Bounty hunter is Nelly on the leaderboards.

    Thank you, using it right now on one of my builds (Steam).

    However, I am not a top leaguer, just a lazy coaster.

    I will also try it for the next silver ANB.


      You won't get banned, TL170+ can be cleared with CL1k and only using blue gear. At higher trails, Slayer becomes much less effective and the squared effect off osmosis is paramount to taking down a TL. You'll notice this at TL160+.