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Sharing My BH For All To Bask

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    Sharing My BH For All To Bask

    Oh k, I'm full of it. There's nothing here to write home about. I just thought I would share my bounty hunter with everyone And maybe get some feedback on things I should start working on. Also, everyone here is time player so I thought I would Post my normal bounty hunter. This was the first time I ever played with a bounty. Hunter usually I go straight to Warrior. But I must admit. I am really liking him. I feel like I'm a cowboy in the Wild Wild West haha

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2023-11-02-10-26-54.jpg
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    Let me know what I can work on. What looks good, what looks bad? If I should use different skills


      Best advice? Spend no more gems on that hero and make a new fully unlocked bounty hunter during the next ANB for just 245 gems

      An easier way for others to look at your hero is to give a rough idea of ranking/trial level. Having that information allows them to look you up on the leaderboards, easier, and view the specifics of your gear.

      First piece of advice?

      Fire Lily


        You apparently have been playing since ... what ... 2018? Interesting ...

        A. GENERAL
        -- You need to decide if this hero will be a farmer (story or trials) or compete for Leaderboards in trials. The discussion below focuses on competitive build for BH Leaderboard (typically Season).
        -- It goes without saying you should be maxed out in Crafting Mastery Level (50) and have ALL the recipes purchased from Liana.
        -- Not sure why you haven't unlocked your 3rd ability and 3rd passive (?), especially since it appears you have several abilities already at Level 10. These extra "powers" contribute a lot to the overall effectiveness of the BH.
        -- BH is a glass cannon champ, so learn/practice BH attacks from afar and to manage parries/dodges for enemies that are closer. Practice "kiting" away from enemies and bosses (i.e., run away then shoot ... run away then shoot; OR shoot then run away ... shoot then run away). BHs will die often in close combat.


        The meta for BH is something you can easily scan on the Leaderboard for BH. Nevertheless, here is my take (there are other builds players enjoy better).

        This gear has the best of both worlds (my favorite build for BH). The Havoc 4-piece bonus add a chance to fire an extra missle (for 5000% damage) plus the more important added damage from all Traps, Explosives, and Missles. These synergies are acute with the BH.
        -- For the total 6-piece set, you can choose where the 4 HAVOC and 2 DEMOS go, but I personally prefer putting the 2 DEMOs on the pants and boots. Movement Speed attribute is added to the Pants and Boots.
        -- Attribute wise, put Power (P), Critical Damage (CD) and Critical Rating (CR) attributes on everthing. Remaining stats include: Vitality and Haste on gear; Trinkets, Belt, and Bracer should have Fire Damage.
        -- Weapons are the IGNITERS SET, where Tracer Ammo and Explosive Shot have synergies with important abilities and passives (more below). To maximize these effects, your Primary Attack should be Explosive Shot (and I use Lethal Shot as Secondary) while also using the Passive Tracer Ammo.
        -- Additional synergies are gained with a Molten Belt, which adds additional stacking effect punch to Tracer Ammo and Explosive Shot​.
        -- For the trinkets, Vial of the Wind Spirit (VotWS) and Talisman of Storms (ToS) are typically used here.
        -- The cape is Integralas Mantle, stacks Ability Rate (AR) 18% of the time. Azure or Carnaval capes are not often used (they have identical ratings) to increase CR, but I find I'm already maxed near 50% CR by populating all other gear; besides, the CR effect above can only happen once a minute.
        -- Jewelry is typically maxed out with Power (P), CR, CD, and Haste (H).
        -- I put Brilliant (+50 Power) gemstones on all items; also note the Tunic is the only piece of gear that has 2 sockets to populate with gemstones (use them!).
        -- For the Bracer, Bracer of Mastery (BoM) is used here. And now it becomes a crap shoot to craft this piece of gear to roll the "best" attribute. For me, I rolled Magnetic Trap damage at +454%, which is used by most in the higher Leaderboads. You can also aim for Heatseekers and hope for +100% damage.

        With enough experience and patience gained playing the ANBs, your ultimate goal should be to strive to accumulate Legendary Level 77 gear for all gear positions (except Jewelry, which is maxed out at L70). Applya Celestial Transform (CT) to all items (again, except for Jewelry, which cannot be celestialized); you gain an additional Vitality stat while nearly maximizing the remaining stats near their max values. Ensure you first SOCKET any item that doesn't already have a gemstone before you CT the item, since the costs to add the socket later becomes very expensive. When crafting, learn to use (if not already) the Pythia tool developed by a few of our very own players, which optimizes your chances to get the very best gear for your hero.

        -- THE Primary Attack, as mentioned above, is Explosive Shot; Lethal Shot is a Secondary. Scatter Shot is not used much at all.
        -- ABILITIES are typically: Rapid Fire, Heatseekers, and Smoke Screen; instead of Smoke Screen, I prefer Magnetic Trap to pull in mobs (inflicted damage is good, as well). This is becoming more of a preference depending on style of play vs. a "pure" meta.
        -- PASSIVES are mostly: Piercing Ammo, Pathfinder, and Tracer Ammos (discussed above).

        Sometimes forgetten is to add Enchantments to your gears, typically for BH as follows:
        -- Weapons (both): Slayer
        -- Hood: Osmosis
        -- Shoulder Pads: Ferocity (+70% CD)
        -- Chest (Tunic): Greater Vigor (+100 Vitality)
        -- Cape: Alacrity (+50 Haste)
        -- Gloves: Quickness (+100 Dodge)
        -- Pants and Boots (each): Speed (+5 Movement Speed)
        -- Rings: Rage (+100 Power)
        -- Necklace: Burning Rage (+100 Power) (... why not just Rage like above, IDK)

        NOTE: Enchantments CANNOT be added to Trinkets, Bracers, and Belts.

        One day, probably years from now (HAHAHA ... LOL ... cough! ... hack!), you'll find you have accumulated so much gold and essences you don't know what do with it all. Fear not! The good folks at Eternium how found yet another way to bleed you dry as part of their nefarious plan to keep you on as tireless player. So, yet another special enchantment exists in the game called a Celestial Orb (CO). The CO is used to improve ONE attribute of an L77 Celestialized Item by a small amount (a % or two, if that?). It will take several COs to max out any one attribute to its maximum. It is a VERY expensive way to perfect an item's attributes to their maximum levels. COs, therefore, are best left for END GAME PLAY.

        COs are CRAFTED at Ingrid's station using LOTS and LOTS of resources:
        -- 500,000 gold
        -- 100 Mark of Titans
        -- 30 EACH of: Spirits of War, Primal, Living, Harmony, Haunting (all those enchanments that look like eyeballs), and,
        -- 100 Silver Dust

        (Good gawd ... will it ever end ???)

        CAUTION: NEVER use a CO on a non-CT item, since you are literally throwing away huge amounts of valuable resources as listed above and can never receive the benefit of maximizing the stats of that item.

        Finally, I play with 1 Eileen (obtained in Story) and 2 Maggies (purchased), all Healers, but their special UTILITY is their VORTEX, which is invaluable to corral minions and mobs, especially in Trials. Marcus' A2 (Deafing Shout) is ineffective in Trials. Robin's A1 and A2 are not as good as the contributions from the Healers, and her A3 (Haste) is swamped by other gear attributes, so really, no useful or tangible effect from her.

        Well, that's my verbose but cheap 2-cents worth. Others can comment further on anything above, or their thoughts and/or builds.
        “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


          That right there is amazing. definitely got some work to put in. Thanks WarriorSeven, got more than I was expecting.


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            LOL ... Was prepared to write a small paragraph like Tin Man, but my hand wouldn't stop. Must be some kind of affliction.